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When we went on our 1st trip to Orlando, we stayed in a lovely villa. We loved it so much that we decided to go back to the exact same villa for our 2013 trip!

The location was fab, the villa was fab and it really was like a home from home!

I’m going to share some photographs from our last trip – we can’t wait to go back and settle in for 3 weeks!

Pulling up outside our villa for the first time was very exciting, couldn’t wait to see what it was like inside!

A comfy living area with TV where we spent quiet evenings after a long day at the theme parks!

The dining area where some mornings we’d have breakfast at home before hitting the parks, or a dinner in the evening when we were too shattered to go out!

A well equipped kitchen which we did make use of…we cooked – well, I say cooked, we threw stuff in the microwave! We were able to store lots of drinks in the fridge (and freezer so that they could defrost during the day in the hot Florida sunshine, but stay nice and cool!), and blissfully able to use a dishwasher (we don’t have one at home!)

The breakfast bar was like the home hub with everything we’d need for the day stored on there! I just loved the open plan living space.

The garage was converted into a games room with a pool table which Liam spent some time playing when it was too rainy to go into the swimming pool.

One of the bathrooms with a huge tub!

The downstairs double bedroom suite – didn’t stay in here!

The master bedroom suite and our bedroom for 3 weeks last time…the bed was huuuuuuuge! And comfy too :D A massive closet and our own en suite bathroom made this feel like pure luxury!

One of the other bedrooms – the girly bedroom I’d say, since it was pink! We used this to keep all our goodies as we shopped throughout our holiday.

This was a sports themed room. I thought Liam would want to stay in here, but he didn’t!

This is the room that he did choose – it was bigger than the sports room – perhaps that’s why!

Who gets excited about doing laundry whilst on holiday??! Well, with these bad boys I totally did!! American washers and dryers are AWESOME! They’re huge, work quickly and doing laundry wasn’t a chore at all…in fact it was so easy, we’re taking even less clothing this year than last time so that there is more room to bring back goodies ;)

And lastly on the villa tour is the wicked swimming pool and spa…this was just perfect – a lovely view in the distance – we often saw hot air balloons floating over the horizon. It was awesome to wake up in the morning and have a dip in the pool, or soak in the spa after a long day at the park. Can’t wait to get back in!

Whenever we go on holiday we always stay in a villa or apartment or cottage…never in a hotel (stay in those on short/weekend breaks only). I like have our own space to go “home” to. And with a teenager, it means we are not all cooped up in one room overnight.

Our villa is such luxury for us, with a bathroom each so no getting in each other’s way in the morning! A pool! Huge bedrooms, lots of space and the villa has a lovely homely feel to it. The villa owners are great to speak to and couldn’t be more helpful and all these things mad us re-book with them for our second trip to the Magic!

I love that on our second trip we’ll know where we are going from the airport to the villa, where the local supermarkets are, where the restaurants are in relation to where we are staying, and how to get to the 192 to get to the Magic ;)

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