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Dining Date: 11 August, 2011

We booked an Advance Dining Reservation at Hollywood & Vine in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios as it meant you could get priority seating for the Fantasmic show in the evening

We got to Hollywood & Vine to check in a little too early. The waiting area outside was ridiculously hot, with metal benches…not a pleasant wait at all I’m afraid to say. We waited around 20 or so minutes before being called in and shown to our table.


Noisy and messy was my first impressions. We ordered some drinks and were told to just help ourselves to the buffet, so that’s what we did.

There was a selection of breads and salads, pasta dishes, vegetables, chicken, prime rib (which they were really stingy with giving out – the lady in front of me asked for a little more and you’d think she had asked for the whole slab of beef!)

The kids choices were nuggets, mac ‘n’ cheese and meatballs.

I took some salad as a starter, which was nothing to write home about and then I took some from the kid’s section..this is my mess of a plate with pasta, meatballs and mash *blush* I didn’t want to chance the seafood alfredo which I could see them mixing up behind the counter.


From a fussy kid point of view, there isn’t much to choose from – not even fries or plain mash, or even plain pasta…I felt so sorry for my son as he’s a growing lad and can put some food away, but was stuck with a bit of salad and some nuggets.

Desserts had a good selection. I had banana cream mousse and Steve took some of the cobbler. Both were okay.



I also felt sorry for our debit card when presented with the bill for $121 and really begrudged paying adult price for Liam, especially since it was just a few nuggets and ice cream that he had. With hindsight I should have asked if we could pay the kid’s price, but I didn’t.


It was such a disappointing meal for us, that I just wanted to get out of there. The waiter was never any where to be seen to order more drinks, tables around us were left cluttered with dirty dishes for longer than necessary and it just didn’t feel nice in there. He didn’t even explain about the Fantasmic priority seating which we had expected him to do – so all in all, never again for us I’m afraid. We left a tip, but certainly didn’t bother with 18% or 20%. I know that tipping is a big thing over in the states, but so is good service, and for us, this was far from it.

I think I would rather queue for Fantasmic than have to endure Hollywood and Vine again…maybe we got a bad day, but even so, I expected more from a Disney restaurant. Shame.

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