His ‘n’ Her Fashion at the UK Blog Awards 2014!

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I promised a couple of extra posts when writing out our night at the UK Blog Awards 2014, one will be a review of the hotel we stayed at, and where the awards ceremony took place – The Grange, St. Pauls, (I never did get around to writing it!) and this one is about what we wore!

His 'n' Her Fashion at the UK Blog Awards 2014! #UKBA14

It’s not often that hubs and I get a posh night out and a chance to dress up in our glad rags and I thought it would be fun to share what we both wore and where we got our outfits…
I’ll start with my man, who I think looked gorge in a (hired) tux from Couture Pour Homme which is in Hornchurch, Essex. It’s where we hired all the men’s suits from for our wedding back in 2009.

We visited the shop about a week before the awards and Steve (the owner) remembered us from all those years ago! He took hubs measurements and asked if he wanted a cumberband, and in what colour – hubs didn’t have much of a choice when I said “purple!” He hired the whole ensemble – trousers, jacket, shirt, cumberband, bowtie, hankie and shoes for £60 – I managed to secure a discount from Steve – thanks Steve if you’re reading this – I told you I’d write about it!

Hubs wore crystal cufflinks that I gave to him as a wedding present and which I stupidly forgot to take a photo of on the night – a shame, they’re right dazzlers!!

His 'n' Her Fashion at the UK Blog Awards 2014! #UKBA14

Now for me. I’ll start with my hair and makeup, which I did myself. I’d got my hair cut (finally) on the morning of the awards and had some long layers put into it. Jackie, my hairdresser blow dried some curls into it, but by late afternoon they had started to drop. I had already decided I was going to put my hair up, so it was a quiff at the front and the rest brought up and secured with a couple of clips.

When it comes to makeup I do tend to stick to the same brands and my tried and trusted look. This is what is on my face…

  • Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation, 70 Natural
  • Ben Nye Neutral Set Colourless Face Powder
  • Avon True Colour Soft Plum Blusher
  • Mac Eyeshadow 6 Fresh Cut – Purple Shades
  • Avon ColorTrend Eyeliner – Cosmic Violet/Pitch Black
  • Collection Does It All 5 in 1 Mascara
  • Avon Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick SPF 15 – Fuchsia Fever
  • Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss – Pink Shine

My purple framed glasses are by Truth and the necklace I’m wearing is one that I had made for my wedding!

His 'n' Her Fashion at the UK Blog Awards 2014! #UKBA14

Onto the outfit now…I wore my favourite Little Black Dress (not so little on me, but y’know what I mean!) It’s an old dress – I”ve had this dress for 7, count ’em SEVEN years! I bought it for my 30th birthday from Evans and it shows the long lasting quality of their clothes! I love everything about this dress, which is why, even after all these years, it’s my go-to dressing up dress for nights out!

The lace shrug was bought from eBay and my tights are from The Big Tights Company. As a plus size girl, tights can be a tricky fit, amirite ladies?! The tights I ordered from TBTC were wicked awesome – didn’t feel like they were going to rip as I put them on (they were 20 Denier, All Woman brand in Natural), didn’t feel like they were going to fall down as I walked (I did have them pulled up really high as they were long for me!) and best of all, I can wash these in the machine! It made a change to wear a pair of comfortable tights that I didn’t have to throw away at the end of the night because I’d torn them >_<

Finally, my shoes. I was going to wear my purple heels, but I ordered these gorgeous black bow wedges from Evans which I bought for £35 just a week or so ago and are now £28 *grumble mumble* but they’re soooooo comfortable! I’m telling you, I was happy to stand around in these without feeling like my legs and feet were going to give way! Oh how I would love Evans forever if they did this style in other colours!

His 'n' Her Fashion at the UK Blog Awards 2014! #UKBA14

So, what do you think? Do we scrub up well? I like to think we do!

After all – we are both so damn classy!

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