Happy New Year! What’s Going On?!

Sharing is Caring!

Happy New Year!
Let’s Cook, Craft, Create…and Connect!

I love the new year – it makes everything feel fresh and new, and is always seems like a good time to evaluate your life and make changes to it…some might call them resolutions ;)

Not everyone believes in making new year’s resolutions – I’ve heard people say that they’re pointless because “You only break them anyway!” I don’t think it is pointless at all, it’s always good to look at yourself and see how you can better improve your life. I make new years resolutions every year, and even though at some point I will crack…the important thing, to me at least, is that I always do my best and keep on trying. Just because I break a resolution on one day, doesn’t mean it is game over and I’ve got to wait till the next year to make resolutions again! I just dust myself off and carry on…

So, what are my 2013 new year’s resolutions? My biggest (and recurring one!) is to lose weight. It’s been on my resolution list since I was about 10 years old – that’s what a battle with a weight problem does for you. I partially won that battle in 2011 when I lost just over 5 stones (70 pounds), but then, got myself stuck in a yo-yo scenario in 2012 where I kept losing and gaining the same 10-14 pounds. It annoyed me, because I couldn’t figure out why I was doing this to myself, so, I’m taking control again and 2013 will be the year that I win this battle, and shift the last load of weight to get to my goal. You see, in 2012, even though I was yo-yo-ing, maintaining I even called it, I didn’t give up. I didn’t say to myself “that’s it, I’ve put on 10lbs, I may as well put it all back (and more)”, I kept on trucking and whilst I still have a small fight at the start of 2013 to get off the weight I’ve put on over the last 6-8 weeks (before I start losing new weight – does that make sense?), I plan to get right back on track and be half the woman I am today (in size!) by the end of the year.


Because of this on-going battle, I’ve decided to shift the focus away from cooking (at least for a while) on my blog. I will still include some recipes along the way, but no where near as many as I did in 2012. It didn’t help much with my diet that we were having parties and social events nearly every other week, so I was never able to get myself on track with trying to lose weight. You can always find my recipes in my Recipe Index, and once I’m confidently back on track, I’ll add to that index with new, tasty ideas for you.

How will I be losing weight? I follow the Cambridge Weight Plan. This is a calorie controlled diet, that I follow with approval from my GP. Out of all the diets I have done over the years, which include Weight Watchers, Slimming World and The Atkins Diet; Cambridge is the one that has really worked for me, and has given me control. I started the diet by replacing some meals and having a low calorie meal once a day. I then shifted, to less replacement and more food. Some may feel it is a fad diet, but for me, it works, and with my life the way it has been, I will do what works. My consultant, who I see once a week on a one-to-one basis, is very supportive and I know she wants to see my succeed.

My main form of exercise is Zumba which I do in the comfort of my own home using DVDs or the games that I have on the Nintendo Wii. I used to swim everyday, for an hour, swimming 64 lengths, which I built up to over time, but then I hurt my back and swimming aggravated that :( To look at me, you wouldn’t think I could swim that much, and I hope that in time I’ll be able to get back into the pool.

To track my journey I’ll have a page with the amount of exercise done/calories burned and pounds lost per week. As part of my Project 365, I will take a self portrait, once a month to see the progress visually. I’m determined that 2013 will be the year that I finally do it.

Because there will be less foody posts, I hope to up the amount of crafty posts. I so enjoyed Crafty October last year, and the recent crafts I did throughout December, it reminded me just how much I love crafting! I’ve got such a huge stash of craft materials, I plan to make use of them in 2013! I will be creating a Craft Index which I will sort out as soon as possible!

My other resolution for 2013 (I only have two, but they are two big ones!) is to organise our home. We are looking to move, in 2013 if we can, because our living space is not big enough for our needs, so whilst we are still in this place, it needs to be sorted.

I don’t think we are hoarders, but we do have a lot of stuff! I de-clutter as much as I can on a regular basis, but there is just so much stuff that I can’t part with, because, even if I’m not using it now, I will use it in the future: things like party stuff, crafting supplies and seasonal decorations, which are the three main things that take up a lot of space. If we had a bigger house, then we wouldn’t have a problem, but everything we own is in plastic boxes and stacked where ever there is room – it feels like we live in a warehouse, and I have to be honest, it gets me down. A lot.

Over the years I’ve tried to follow home management systems online and seen lots of different ideas, but always ended up failing somewhat…then I realised that I need to create a home management system that works for us. So, that is what I plan to do in 2013 – get his household managed! I have already begun creating fun printables for my home management folder and over the coming weeks and months will share them with you. I love designing printables, so I thought creating my own would be a good thing! I will not profess to be an organising Goddess…there are so many bloggers out there that are…but I will create my own system, and printables and let you in on my journey to a more organised home!

I’ve told you mine, so you tell me yours! What are your new year’s resolutions for 2013?

Since I’ve been splicing into this post about what I plan on doing with The Purple Pumpkin Blog in 2013, I may as well carry on telling you my plans!

For a while now, my blog slogan has been “Cook, Craft, Create”, as I felt it best described what this blog was all about, since I seem to enjoy quite a lot of different things…I’ve covered the cooking and crafting part, and now for the creating part…

Falling under the banner of ‘create’ will be several things – mainly because to me, the word create can mean lots of things – a design, a party, an experience, a photo, a memory…

The Create Index is currently linking to all the parties I’ve thrown and blogged about, but will slowly change to include other things:

Printables – I really love designing and creating these, and plan to share a lot more printables on my blog. It’s always nice to know if you have downloaded and used them, so if you ever do, I would love to hear from you!

Parties – of course, that’s already up there in that index, but I’ll mention it again, since I have already got 3 celebrations pencilled in for 2013 – my son’s 14th, my mum’s 65th and my niece’s baptism. I’m looking forward to planning these events and of course will be sharing inspiration and ideas for them soon!

Photography – I have always loved taking photographs, but it’s only in the last few years that I’ve become more conscious about improving my skills. I started a photo project in 2011 to take a photo a day: Project 365, and having completed that, I went straight into 2012 with the extra day for the leap year of course, making it Project 366.

Having taken a photo a day for the last two years, and it becoming part of my life and who I am, I’m doing it all again in 2013 and probably will continue for the rest of my life! I’m sharing these photos right from the beginning this year, since I only realised about 200 days in, I could be sharing them on my blog *facepalm*

There will be other photography along the way in the form of days out, holidays..experiences, memories.

Since 2013 is also the year of the big holiday – we are going back to Orlando, Florida – there will be some Disney type posts in the mix!

On top of all that, there will also be my Flashback Friday series, which is on-going, but which I am running out of things for -__-, so if that suddenly stops – you’ll know why!

I really should get my inspiration posts back into gear, so that may start up again – but not on a Sunday like I used to do.

I nearly forgot about Link Parties! I hope to start them up again soon (I know that I should have already hosted a new party at the start of January, and do a featured post…sorry, it fell to the back of my mind). I was going to return to weekly parties in 2013, but I think, for my sanity, I will keep them at monthly.

And finally, after this huge long text post (longer than I had planned!) there is one more word that is being added to my slogan…Connect!

I would love to get to know more of readers in 2013….that means YOU!

I love blogging – I love to share my ideas and I love to write, it’s almost like a grown up diary (I used to keep a diary religiously as a kid/teen) and reviewing 2012 recently was like reading back on my diary – I loved it!

However, the downside is that it can be lonely as a blogger…so I would LOVE to hear from you, you can always leave comments, join me on Facebook, tweet me, look at my photos and videos on Flickr, Instagram and YouTube.

I love to get to know new people, and I’m a chatty person, so don’t be shy! Just use one of the buttons below and you’ll be able to connect with me :)

So that’s what’s going on with The Purple Pumpkin Blog in 2013…I’m really excited about it and I hope you are too! I’ve still got some tweaks to make the layout, as it’s loading a little bit on the slow side, but I hope to have that sorted soon!

And once again, Happy New Year!

Sharing is Caring!