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Halloween in our house usually means a big party with our friends and family. This year, one of my sisters and her husband were away on holidays during Halloween, so I decided to push it back a few days and hold our celebration on the 4th November instead.

I also decided that I wanted to do something a bit different, so I came up with the idea of intimate dinner party which I thought would be fun

And so came about the ‘Better Late Than Never’ Dinner Party!

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Halloween Invitations

I made the invitations myself in Paint Shop Pro X2 (PSPX2).  I’ve been using Paint Shop Pro for about 10 years now and am so used to it that I’m reluctant to switch to Photoshop (PS).  That said, I do own a copy of PS and use it on occasion.  I just know how to use PSPX2 that bit better!  I say use what you feel most comfortable using!

There are three colours that scream Halloween at me – black being one, orange and purple being the other two.  I went with orange and black for this design.

I started with an A5 size blank template, flood filled with black. I added an orange border that I took from a Halloween digi-paper I had, before applying feathery brushes around the edges to make it feel more blended in with the stark black background.  I found a bunch of Halloween brushes and the scary Jack face needed to take prominence for me, so to the top centre it went. To balance things I added the shadow of a cat and of the gnarled tree with raven.  Finally, the text went in.  I used the font Black Knight FLF which I downloaded for free from dafont,  which is my go-to website for some fabulous free fonts.

Halloween Invitation

{Over the years I’ve also collected lots of digi-scrapbook freebies online: papers, brushes, establishments… so sadly, it’s impossible for me to give credit for the things I use in my own designs, but thanks to all that take the time to create such wonderful items for free!}

Next step was to print off and cut out.  I then rolled each invite up and tied them with some orange ribbon. Now sadly, I don’t have a photo of that as they got handed out before I could get my camera to them!

With invitations all made and delivered, the next stage of preparation was the food…

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