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Graze Box Review + Unboxing Video - #Yummertime

It’s been a while since I last wrote about graze – I’ve had some boxes, but never got around to writing about them… but this time, since there is a fab competition to enter, I wanted to tell you all about it! As an official graze blogger, I was sent a #Yummertime box, and my husband and I made a video, unboxing it and tasting the snacks inside. You can watch it below, or over on my YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe!) And for those that watched my vlog about dieting, I made this video before that one ;)



Since we sped through a bit tasting them, I am not sure we mentioned everything about each punnet, so here is all the info below.

#Yummertime graze box

Natural Energy Nuts

37g | 240 kcal
Raw and blanched almonds, roasted hazelnuts and walnuts. A health star punnet, with source of protein (7g), and at least two vitamins and minerals (copper, and manganese).

Graze Box - #Yummertime - Natural Energy Nuts

Yummertime Punch

31g | 119 kcal
Pineapple, goldenberries and coconut. A source of fibre.

Graze Box - #Yummertime - Yummertime Punch

Banana Protein Flapjack

54g | 250 kcal
Rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and banana flavouring. A source of fibre, and protein (7.6g).

Graze Box - #Yummertime - Banana Protein Flapjack

Veggie Caesar

24g | 115 kcal
Sour cream and onion half popped corn kernels, cheddar cheese bruschetta and edamame beans. A source of protein (4.1g).

Graze Box - #Yummertime - Veggi Caesar

Graze Box - #Yummertime

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I am now an official graze Blogger, which means I receive free graze snacks and boxes from time to time. I will indicated if this is the case. You will find all of my graze box blog posts here.

I paid for all of the graze boxes that I received and reviewed on my blog. I share these reviews because I think graze is a fun concept and I love sharing the punnets of snacks that I receive! Read all of my past graze box reviews:
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