Graze Box: Kids Goody Box Review

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Whilst writing up my 16th graze box review yesterday I realised that I hadn’t posted about the goody box that I had ordered for my son! So better late than never right??

Back in July 2013, it was a new box for graze and I wanted to have one sent to him so that it could be a break from the usual junk a teenager eats!

If you’ve never heard about graze before, it’s a box of 4 snacks that are delivered, through the post (and fit through most standard letterboxes) to either your home or work address.

You can order as many boxes as you like, set schedules for them, even give ratings to the snacks as to which ones you love and ask to ‘send soon’ and others that you really don’t want again – or to even try by clicking ‘bin them’ on your account dashboard.

Since, back then, the kids goody box was new, I left it all as ‘like’ to see what Liam would get through in his box.

Now, my boy is quite a fussy pants when it comes to food – has been from a baby, but as he’s grown older he does try new some new things… That said, he can still be stuck in his fussy ways at other times. I had hoped that a fun delivery of snacks, personally to him, would encourage him to try out something different, but that wasn’t to be!

The concept is fab – I have championed graze right from the start when I decided to give them a go after seeing a few of my friends buy them. But unless you’ve got a kid who is happy to eat and try anything, they can be a bit of a waste – although, I ate what he didn’t, so not that much of a waste!!

I thought he’d probably eat all of the punnets of snacks bar the dried fruit, but in the end he only really like two out of four. This is what he got in his graze goody box…

Up first are golden flapjack – traditional rustic rolled oat flapjack. They contain no nasties, as graze calls them – no artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives. Liam said he wished he could have had more flapjacks!!

Next up, ketchup soldiers – tomato dip and pizza breadsticks. Since he loves pizza, and loves ketchup, I thought he’d love these, and luckily he did! Although, he said the tomato dip was a bit weird – whatever that means! Again, no nasties!

Liam is not a big cheese snack fan, so this next snack, say cheese – cheese croutons and mini tomato breadsticks were not going to win any prizes for taste for him. A good portion of nibbly crunchy snacks which mum was quite happy to nosh on, even if he wasn’t!

And finally, very berry blast – yoghurt coated strawberry pieces, raspberry fruit strings, cherry infused raisins and cranberries. I’m afraid to say he wasn’t going to touch these with a barge pole! He doesn’t do dried fruit! Fresh fruit, yes, dried fruit, nope. I couldn’t even coax him with the yoghurt coated strawberry pieces – he likes both in their regular form – kids eh?! I thought they were a yummy mix, and the raspberry fruit strings were the bestest!

Despite him not liking everything in the box, I did order another one for him. In fact, I ordered 3 boxes – one for him, me and hubs to take on our journey to the airport for our summer hols last year! I was able to tweak the snacks in the goody box so that he got things that he liked – even though it was doubles!! I’ve just gone on the graze website to see how you do that, but I can’t seem to work it out, so not sure if I’m being really thick, or they’ve removed the feature!

Whilst this may seem an expensive way to supply snacks for kids, (they’re £3.89 a box), for a once in a while treat for something special, I think they’re great. Plus, each box comes with fun and games inside to keep your little one occupied! The website says they’re specially designed for kids aged 3 to 300 ;) I think 3 may be a little too young, but then, my child was 3 a long time ago now and I can’t remember >_<

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