Gousto Recipe Box Review

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If you’re a long time reader of The Purple Pumpkin Blog, you know that I love boxes of stuff that come through the mail. I say stuff, because I’ve had everything from make-up to candles to crafts to food!

I recently discovered Gousto, a recipe box service which is delivered weekly, providing you with all the measured ingredients for 3 meals, for either 2 or 4 people. You can pick and choose your 3 meals from a varied selection including vegetarian and healthy recipes (all of the recipes show the calorie count too, which is fab). The only things you need to add to recipes from your store cupboard are salt, pepper and oil.

Gousto Recipe Box Review

The fact that you are sent all the ingredients is a winner for me – I hate having to buy a full jar of spice for one recipe that is likely to languish in the back of a cupboard for 5 years (it happens!). Take for example, the first dish that I cooked from our Gousto box – Persian Chicken; it needed pomegranate molasses and ras el hanout. Two very specialised ingredients that are certainly not in my store cupboard! But with Gousto I had just the right amount to make the dish.

Gousto Persian Chicken

The recipe card for each dish comes with the time it takes to prepare and cook, the cuisine, the calories, fat and protein per portion, and how many of your five-a-day per portion. There is also a tempting description of the dish, with photos of the finished dish, as well as of all the ingredients and step-by-step pictures too.

As I said earlier, the ingredients come weighed and measured so you don’t have to think about a thing, other than following the recipe card. The card gives the actual weights and measures too, so you can re-create the dish again, which I think is fab. I’ve tried other recipe boxes where this information wasn’t there and so could never cook it again. We loved the bulgar wheat that was the accompaniment for the Persian chicken, and I’ll have to now go and find where I can buy pomegranate molasses, just so I can cook it again!

The steps were easy to follow, but, as with all cooking, you have to use your noodle! After the allotted time suggestion for cooking the chicken, our chicken wasn’t cooked, so sense tells me to carry on cooking!

The other recipes in our box were Lamb and Artichoke Linguine – two things I would never think to put together with pasta. It was divine! I have to admit that I got a bit confused with the wording of this recipe, it said to put the artichokes under the grill, but then later to return to the oven. I just had to use my mad cooking skillz to make a judgement that maybe it meant back under the grill? It certainly didn’t ruin the dish! But it does make sense to read through the recipe (or any recipe for that matter) to make sure you understand all the steps.

Gousto Lamb and Artichoke Linguine

Our final dish was good old steak and chips with a blue cheese sauce. None of us are fans of Stilton, but once it was cooked down into a sauce and served with the steak – wow, it was yummy! It was gobbled up so fast that no photos exist of this dish that I cooked….

Gousto use organic vegetables, high welfare British meat and free-range eggs. The ingredients they source are of the highest quality and locally sourced where possible. So many people are more mindful of the ingredients they use in their cooking, and so I think it’s great that Gousto are being mindful of that too.

The subscription to Gousto is recurring, but there is a flexible option where you can delay or stop your boxes by a cut-off day/time. The food comes in 100% biodegradable wool insulated boxes which keeps the food fresh if you’re not home for delivery (which is free). This was great for me, as I wasn’t home when the courier arrived with the box.

For a couples (2) meat box the cost is £34.99 and a veggie box is £33.99. A family (4) meat box is £49.99 and a family veggie box is £47.99.

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