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I love autumn, it brings lots of exciting things, like my birthday :D, Halloween ^_^ and Bonfire Night! This year also brings the birth of my baby niece and my sister’s wedding!

I love the changing of the leaves, the smell of autumn in the air and the shorter days. Maybe, because I’m an autumn baby I appreciate these things more?! Not every one is a fan of the shorter days, but I love them…however by the time February comes around, I kinda wanna see the back of them!

Since we’re now into the autumn months, I’ve pulled out from storage, the decorations that I like to put around the house at this time of year. It starts slowly and I’ll hit the house with all my Halloween stuff in a week or so…very early I know! But Halloween comes but once a year, and I love my decs, so I need to see them for more than 24 hours!!

I bought a load of black, purple and orange faux flowers last year and arranged them into a bouquet to display in the hallway. They are the colours of Halloween for me (it’s why I bought them initially), so out they come. this bouquet makes me smile so much! I love the colours, they make me feel happy :)

I have this display up in the living room all year round…without the sunflowers…I discovered them whilst clearing through my mountains of stuff in storage. I quite clearly bought them for something, and that something at the moment is to go in this vase! Looks lovely I think :)



I have a few more harvest festival type decorations to display, but looking for the right way to display them. I’ll post a pic when I finally figure it out! How do you decorate for autumn?

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