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Our garden is long overdue a makeover, and I am hoping that 2019 is the year that it finally happens. Ultimately, we want a garden that it is easy to maintain; is a welcoming space where we can entertain family and friends, and is safe for my niece and nephews to play in too.

With the help of Fantastic Services, who provided us with a [free] Garden Maintenance Service this weekend, we are on our way with our plans!

I’ve also got a discount code for £10 off your 1st booking – details at the end of this post!

Garden Maintenance Service from Fantastic Services

Garden Maintenance Service from Fantastic Services

Okay, so let me confess and tell you that we are absolutely awful at “house stuff”. And by house stuff, I mean decorating and maintaining. We blame lack of time and money, but really, we just prioritise other things (like holidays!) over house stuff.

That basically means we’ve wanted to get certain things done in our house for years, and we still haven’t. I actually wrote my first post about renovating our house way back in 2014 – I know, bonkers right? In fact, I’ve just laughed at our grandiose plans and updated the post to reflect what has/hasn’t been done. I would never make it as a home lifestyle blogger!

What hasn’t helped, has been a few years worth of personal issues, which stopped several things in its tracks; but times are a-changing, and I want all these jobs finished once and for all!

There is a bit more of a motive for getting the garden presentable – our 10th wedding anniversary in August 2019. We are throwing a small party for family and close friends, and I want the garden to look better than it is now.

Ironically, one might say, the last time we had Fantastic Services in to tidy up the garden I said pretty much all the same things about being time-poor, and needing to get the garden sorted, and wanting to do this and that… hmm… a pattern doth emerge!

Unfortunately, we still do not have the time to get the garden re-turfed before our anniversary party (and it still desperately needs it to be done), but the overgrown bushes and trees can certainly be cut back – and that is where Fantastic Services come in (again)…

Garden Makeover - Before
Our Garden, Before

The focus of this garden service was the overgrown bushes and trees which have all become rather unruly.

I don’t know the names of the plants, so, unfortunately, all I can say is their location within the photo above! The two bushes on the left have become HUGE. The one with the yellow flowers is so overgrown we can barely get to the shed. The only saving grace it had was that it covered said shed, which is UG-LEE!

The palm tree which I didn’t use to like, but now love because it reminds me of holidays in Florida (but without the humidity and year-round sunshine!), needed to have all of the dead palm leaves (fronds?) removed.

And finally, the tree/plant towards the front right just needed a bit of cutting back so we could actually use our back gate without getting smacked in the face by branches. There were also some weeds at the very back of the garden, so we also had those cleared.

The two gardeners arrived promptly at 10am and got to work straight away. The service was booked for 1 hour, and they blitzed their way through getting everything done in that time. In fact, I think they did it all in 45 minutes.

Overgrown Bushes & Palm Tree
Overgrown Bushes & Palm Tree

In the after photos, the bushes do look a bit sorry for themselves, and I know that this time of year is not the best time to get plants trimmed back so vigorously – but trust me, both of these plants grow FAST! The flowers which have now all been lopped off the yellow plant will be back in no time.

In hindsight, I wish I had had them cut back even more… and in all honesty, I’m not the biggest fan of either of these plants, they just looked plonked there and out of place, but I feel guilty to the environment by removing them completely.

The palm tree looks fab – we couldn’t believe the number of dead leaves that had been removed!

The only trouble with having everything cut back is that we can now see even more of the horror beneath! It really highlights just how awful the lawn is.

And then the shed which is just… well… Look. At. It! Hideous! I have wanted to get rid of it we first bought the house, but quite frankly, given our history of not getting things done, it’s just too much hassle. We did originally plan to remove it and get a nice, wooden summer house across the whole back of the garden. But then I realised how much I actually liked the right, back corner of the garden because it is a sun trap, so we didn’t bother. Instead, we are going to fix up the doors and paint the (metal) shed green, in the hope it will blend in a bit better.

As for the three tree stumps you can see, the two in front of the shed are actually loose, and just need to be taken to the dump, and the one at the back needs to be cut down, as it is still rooted into the ground.

Since we really want to get the garden into some sort of order before August, my husband got to work straight after the gardeners left, and it is all but gone!

The two gardeners from Fantastic Services got on with the job quickly and efficiently. Including in the service is the disposal of 180L of green waste. We had the option to pay extra for the removal of everything. We were quoted £3 per 90L bag or £45 for the lot.

Since we had a bunch of other stuff to take to the rubbish tip we said we would do this ourselves. So the gardeners made a pile of the excess green waste (mainly the palm tree leaves) which you can see in the picture below. This was appreciated, and my husband had that pile cleared in about 10 minutes.

Overall we are pleased that the plants have been trimmed back, and can’t wait to get cracking with finally getting the garden looking ship-shape!

Thank you to Fantastic Services for once again providing us with a Garden Maintenance Service!

picture of cut back bushes
Garden Makeover - after
Our Garden, After
Our cat, Pumpkin was not impressed that we took away all of her hiding spots (under the bushes!)

How to book a Garden Maintenance Service:

You can book a gardening service from Fantastic Services online, on their app, or by phone. The price for garden maintenance varies, so check the website for up to date information.

What you can expect:

  • Weeding, hedge trimming, lawn mowing and more delivered by skillful gardeners
  • A team of 2 insured and experienced gardeners
  • Service available for any day and in any weather
  • Free collection & disposal of up to 180l of green waste
  • Regular garden maintenance is also available

The gardening service is available in the following UK locations:

  • Basingstoke
  • Guildford
  • London
  • Oxford
  • St Albans
  • Brighton & Hove
  • High Wycombe
  • Luton
  • Reading
  • Bristol
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Slough

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