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Fantastic Services Ambassador 2017 BadgeLast August I was celebrating my 40th UN-birthday with my family and friends a month early because we were going to be on holiday for my actual 40th. Fantastic Services came to my aid amongst the chaos I was feeling, and provided me with a 3.5 hour house clean which you can read all about here.

I got back in touch with them recently as I wanted to see if my discount code was still valid (which it is!) and they also invited me to become one of their Ambassadors for 2017! This means I will be part of the Fantastic Family, working with Fantastic Services over the course of the next year, and of course, here is that discount code* for you to use! Just click the banner below and enter promo code FSPumpkin.


I’m very excited as this ambassadorship as it has come at a perfect time for us. Life has been extremely stressful in the past few months, with my dad being diagnosed with myeolma, and my mum falling, breaking her leg, and needing emergency surgery. At the moment they are both in hospital, and between the four of us siblings we’re doing our best to visit them, organise things at home, and of course deal with stuff in our own lives.

My sister has just had her baby, my brother is getting married soon, my other sister and I both have our own ongoing health issues – so right now everything is just crazy.

We are finding ourselves to be very time poor. So things like keeping the garden under control, or doing a deep clean of the house are just falling to the wayside. Thanks to my Ambassadorship from Fantastic Services, some of the stress has been lifted, and we can hopefully get the house back into some sort of order.

Fantastic Gardeners

I started the year full of hope for our garden. I wanted to get rid of the huge ugly shed and turn the back of the garden into a lovely seating area. I wanted to get rid of the overgrowing ivy and brambles from next door and put up a new fence, and I wanted to get some pretty flowers into the beds on the sides of the garden. Apart from my husband Steve’s best efforts to cut back the plants as they went mad with growth – it was more than he could handle in the time he had on the weekends. So when Fantastic Services asked what I would like to be done first, the garden was my immediate answer.

A Fantastically Cleared Garden from Fantastic Services! Fantastic Services are one of the leading domestic services providers in London, the South East and the North West of England. Garden Services include maintenance, clearance, lawn care, and more.

What does the garden clean up include?

A team of two gardeners will come to handle your garden clearance. This service is hourly-based, so when the gardeners are on-site, they will confirm the time needed for the job based on the size of the garden and its condition. Once they get to work, here’s what they can do:

  • Complete clearance of the areas with unwanted overgrowth;
  • Removing any specific plants you don’t want anymore;
  • Putting overgrown hedges in a presentable state;
  • Pruning overgrown trees that block the sun;
  • Turning plant beds and borders;
  • Clearing grass and fallen leaves;
  • Garden weed clearance;
  • Free quote for regular maintenance can be provided on site.
  • Each service comes with FREE removal of up to 180L of garden waste.

The Fantastic Gardeners gave everything a good cut back and it has made an amazing difference. In fact, I hadn’t even realised how bad it had got until we had the work done! Please do remember that our garden still needs a lot of work to make it pretty and looking exactly how I would like it to look!

Here are some before photos…

Overgrown Hedge
The front hedge we share with our neighbours. So overgrown… the horror!!
Overgrown Garden
Everything is just so overgrown. The plant to the bottom right reaches up so high I can see it from the upstairs window!

The Fantastic Gardeners (a team of two) turned up about 15 minutes before their allotted time so that they could bring in all their tools (yes, they provide everything!) and assess the situation. We gave instruction as to what we would like to be done – most of the shrubs, and bushes had to be cut back. The grass needed a desperate cut too.

Towards the back of our garden (behind the tiki bar) is a huge bramble that we pick blackberries from, as well as a gorgeous vine that turns a brilliant red colour in autumn. We asked that they just tidy that up rather than cut it right back.

With instructions given, the guys got straight to work. Both my husband and myself were impressed with the speed at which they worked, and how tidy they left everything after they were finished! Fantastic Gardeners were here for 2.5 hours.

Look how tidy the garden looks after!

Cleared garden by Fantastic Gardeners

Cut hedge

We are very happy with the work that Fantastic Gardeners did – it was a hot day and they barely stopped for a break. We offered cold drinks several times, but they were happy to just get on and get things done. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t sure if they would get everything that we asked of them, done… but they totally did.

We are thinking of re-turfing completely, as the grass, even when cut, just looks awful. Next door have re-turffed recently and it looks so much nicer. Along the sides of the garden are the two bedding areas that were hidden for so long underneath grass. I want to turn these back into proper beds again with a edging, some stones and some flowers.

Unfortunately, the ivy and brambles from next door have taken the toll and and ruined any fence underneath – in fact, the gardeners couldn’t cut it back completely because there would have been a bit walkway from our garden to theirs! We will have to have a chat with them to get that sorted out.

I do still want the hideous shed to be removed – it’s a horrible tin thing and just a magnet for storing junk. If that goes we will have a huge space at the back for a lovely seating area. I’m unsure what to do about the palm tree though. I love it because it reminds me of holidays in Florida, but it’s also kinda just plonked there!

I will have to make a plan for this otherwise another year will go by and it just won’t get done! However, until then this big garden clearance from the Fantastic Gardeners has been a huge time saver for us, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Fantastic Services are one of the leading domestic services providers in London, the South East and the North West of England and they offer 25+  services, including handyman, gardening, removals, rubbish removal, builders, and pest control. They are truly a one-stop shop for all your home, garden, and office needs. Fantastic Services are there for their clients 24/7, even on Bank Holidays which is fantastic! They also have a mobile booking app – GoFantastic – that lets you book a service within less than a minute and offers a real-time availability feature.

*10 GBP off first booking. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Does not apply for regular and one-off domestic cleaning as well as Christmas services. Min charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage. Valid till 21.07.2018


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