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#TPPBFungiFriday - Instagram Community

If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know that I love taking nature photos, and especially love finding fungi – mushrooms and toadstools out in the wild to take pictures of. I used to share them randomly on a Friday and dubbed the post “Fungi Friday“. I love walking out in the forest and finding different fungi – I look at it as a nature treasure hunt!

Back in 2014 I set up a group for bloggers to share their photos, but it’s now 2018, and I’m re-opening this to everyone to share their pictures on Instagram with a new hashtag!

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Looking for shrooms is a fun way to encourage us all to get out into nature – either on our own, with our kids, with our partner…whomever, and go on a nature treasure hunt. You’ll be amazed what you can find if you just walk through the woods and look down!

Top tips for #FungiFriday

Before you go out foraging, there are a couple of tips I want to share, especially so if you are going out with your children to look for wild mushrooms.

  • Do not touch any fungi that you find – you don’t know if they are an irritant. (Unless you can 100% identify)
  • Do not eat any fungi that you find – you don’t know if they are toxic. Some can even cause death. We do not want that on our forages. (Unless you can 100% identify, and even then, be another 100%.)
  • Buy a field guide to help you to identify different types – it’s fun to actually know what fungi it was that you found!
  • Look both up and down – some fungi grow high up in the trees!
  • Clear excessive debris – when I take photos of fungi, I try not to disturb the surroundings too much, but sometimes a pesky twig or leaf is right in front of it. I usually move these out of the way (using another stick, so I don’t have to touch!)
  • Get dirty – You are more than likely going to have to get down on your knees to take some of your photographs, so don’t wear your Sunday best!!
  • Take your time – fungi are static, so you have time to set up a shot. Take photos from different angles, hold your camera steady (I often end up resting it on the ground for balance), check for light – forests are often quite dark.
  • Seek and ye shall find – I always manage to find at least one fungi when I am out walking in the forest, no matter what the time of year, but it does almost take some eye training. My husband and son can’t believe some of the fungi that I can spot when we’re walking along!
  • Have fun – I haven’t called this nature’s treasure hunt for nothing – there is something really exciting for me (as an adult) when finding a fungi in amongst the mulch, so for kids it has to be a million times more exciting!!

What can I share?

Share your photographs of wild mushrooms/toadstools/fungi on Instagram – it can be one photo or several! Make sure to add the hashtags #TPPBFungiFriday so we can all find each other’s pictures!

How many photos can I share?

As many as you like! It’s an ongoing thing so it never closes – keep coming back every Friday! Fungi are seasonal, so it’ll be nice to see a whole range of different ones over the months. And since some fungi only grow in certain areas, I hope that eventually we’ll see lots of different types through all those that share!

Do I have to look at other people’s pictures?

This community is all about sharing – so please do try like and comment on other people’s photos!

If you love taking nature photos, and have an Instagram account, please do join in – I can’t wait to see your pictures!

Here are some of my shroom pictures from the past…




Fungi Friday

Autumn - mushrooms

Project 52 - 2016 - Week 2

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