Food + Drink We Sampled This Month: April

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Food + Drink We Sampled This Month - April Edition

As a blogger, I’m very lucky to be sent products to sample, and as a family who enjoy trying out new things – especially food and drink, we graciously accept them. I thought it would be an easier read for you all, to have a round-up post each month, and so here is the April edition of “Food & Drink We Sampled This Month”

Food reviewing is always so subjective as it depends on personal tastes, and there were several products that I really didn’t enjoy the taste of this month. It doesn’t mean that they are bad, they’re just not for me!


I’m going to start with the Degustabox which is actually March’s box, but I didn’t get around to writing about it last month. It was a really packed box for the month. Degustabox is a monthly subscription box where you receive a selection of food goodies to try out at home. The value of the contents is more than the subscription, and we all like to get great value for money! The current subscription is £12.99 including delivery.

  1. Crabbie’s Fruits – 2 x £1.50: A delish, alcoholic fruity beverage. My fave was the black cherry, hubs’ was the Raspberry and Rhubarb.
  2. Juiceburst – 2 x £1.25:  I preferred the Mango and Lime over the Cranberry, but I wasn’t overly enamoured with either to be honest. I personally didn’t find them fruity enough.
  3. Green Tea – no price on the card: Did not like. Hubs did.
  1. Jordan’s Granola – £3.69:  For me Jordan’s is the daddy of shop bought granola. It’s a pricey treat, and didn’t last very long in this house! Lovely and crunchy, and no flavour lost with the 30% less fat claim.
  2. Natvia – £2: A 100% naturally sourced alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. It is derived from stevia and has zero calories per serve.  One teaspoon of Natvia = one teaspoon of sugar. We’ve tried this in my tea and coffee and both found it to have a bitter after taste which wasn’t too pleasant.
  1. Kent’s Kitchen Posh Noodles – £1.75: Think of them as a posh pot noodle! Another one that split opinion, with me not liking it at all, and hubby saying they were nice. I found them to be quite flavourless.
  2. BBQUE – £3.99: We have yet to use this, but I can imagine it getting use on steaks, burgers and ribs at summer barbecues! It’s a huge bottle, so I think it’ll last a while! it is available in four flavours: Grill & Beechwood, Original, Honey & Mustard, and Chilli & Horseradish.
  3. Baked Bread Bites – 2 x 50p: An alternative snack to crisps, made with real French bread. These were bacon flavour and I used them as croutons in tomato soup – yum! At under 90 calories for a 20g bag, they’re great if you’re counting.
  1. Lindt Assorted Mini Eggs – 2 x £2: Lots of lovely little eggs in three flavours: smooth milk, white, and dark chocolate. They didn’t make it to Easter and were gobbled up in the main by my son!
  2. Bassetts Jelly Babies Berry Mix – £1.48: It’s been years since I’ve eaten Jelly Babies so I don’t know how different this flavour mix is compared with original. They were yummy though!
  3. Sour Patch Kids – £1: I didn’t think they were overly sour (a good thing!) and went down well with the sweetie loving family!



Andrew Gibb launched Coldpress in 2011 with the ambition of creating a juice that tasted as great as the original fruit from which it came. The brand uses a state of the art cold press which is nurturing and ingredient friendly. It uses no heat to preserve the drinks, ensuring they are safe to drink and keeping all of the goodness found in natural fruit. Most other juices can be pasteurised up to 9 times! The HPP method that Coldpress uses retains significantly higher levels of Vitamin C, and other anti-oxidants, and tastes much better.

We received 4 different juices: Apple & Lemon with a dash of Chilli, Pink Lady Apple, Apple & Passionfruit, and Granny Smith. My favourite was the pink lady apple juice which was lovely and sweet, but to be honest, picking a favourite was hard because they were all so different. The juice with a dash of chilli wasn’t overpowering, just a nice warm kick at the back of your throat – good for when you’re feeling poorly!

At £2.79 for a 750ml bottle, they would be a ‘treat buy’ for us, but I would definitely buy these in the future.

Coldpress Apple Juices

Maille Mustards

Inspired by the current renaissance of the iconic Parisian Bistro, Maille has created three fresh new flavours for Spring/Summer 2015 to embody the vibrancy of France’s hottest food scene. Using the highest quality seasonal ingredients to infuse traditional Dijon mustard, Maille epitomises chic and creative cuisine.

You can buy them individually (£6.99 for 100ml) or as a gorgeous set which would make a wonderful gift for a foodie friend or loved one (£25 for 3 x 100ml).

The three flavours are:

  • Mustard with Aubergine and a Hint of Rosemary – perfect accompaniment for a herb-crusted rack of lamb, a fillet of red mullet or even a goat’s cheese and ham tart.
  • Mustard with Red & Green Peppers, White Wine and a Touch of Espelette Chilli – good with simple dishes such as a fillet of cod with chorizo or steak tartare with grilled tomatoes.
  • Mustard with Rhubarb, Strawberry and White Wine –  goes exceptionally well with a red berry salad, French toast or simply a bowl of strawberries and cream

As we are the utmost in sophistication, we tried the mustards out on homemade burgers, which the aubergine mustard (the purple pot) and the peppers mustard (the orange pot) went very well with. I tasted the rhubarb and strawberry one, and it’s not for me, but hubby loved it. These are a special kind of mustard, full of very different flavours, and I look forward to trying them out with some of the suggestions from Maille.

La Maison Maille Spring Summer Collection


So that’s the food and drink we sampled this month! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Review Disclosure: We received these items to try out at home. All thoughts are our own honest opinions.

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