February Degustabox Review

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Degustabox is a monthly subscription box where you receive a selection of food goodies to try out at home. The value of the contents is more than the subscription, and we all like to get great value for money! The current subscription is £12.99 including delivery.

Degustabox February (1)

February Degustabox Review

Reviewing food is always subjective as we all have different tastes! I thought that there was a great selection of products in this months box, some brands I have heard of before and bought from, and some that I hadn’t. I thought that this months box had a really great selection of products. Here is what we, as a family thought…

1. Three Nut Butter – £3.00

Did you know you could buy other nut butters and not just peanut butter? We have bought cashew butter, almond butter and hazelnut butter in the past (from health food shops) and have loved the change in taste. This three nut butter combines cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts and is delicious! I couldn’t taste the hazelnuts as much as I would have liked, and it would be wise to give the jar a bit of a stir before spreading, as we thought it was a bit too peanut-ty in flavour, until we got further down the jar. It is expensive at £3, so this is a treat product for us. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and absolutely no added sugar.

Degustabox Review - Three Nut Butter

2. Beet It – £1.85 each

These snack bars are made with beetroot and oats, and I was not a fan of the taste. They tasted very bitter to my palette. My husband thought they weren’t too bad.
Degustabox Review February - Beet It Flapjack

3. Melba Thins – £1.39

I love a crunchy snack, and these Melba Thins are perfect to fix that craving! They taste delicious without any toppings on, but add some cheese or deli meat or if you’re feeling posh, some smoked salmon and they are perfect! You could also add sweet toppings like honey or jam. We all really enjoyed these and they are great for breakfast, brunch and lunch. I think they’d be fab for a party with different toppings!

Degustabox Review February - Melba Thins

4. Schwartz Flavour Shots – £1.40 each

These flavour shots are new to me – I’ve not seen them before and looking forward to trying them out.  We received two flavours – Spanish Paella and Indian Mild Masala curry. Each contain a unique blend of herbs, spices and seasonings infused in sunflower oil to create tasty meals. You add the shot to the pan and then add your fresh ingredients. There are 8 recipes to choose from in all.

Degustabox Review February - Schwartz Flavour Shots

5. Lily O’Briends Cocoa Cookie Crunch – £2.60

From Ireland’s best-loved chocolatier is a range of luxury snacking pouches for chocolate lovers. Bitesize morsels of crunchy chocolate biscuit pieces smothered in smooth, creamy milk chocolate – yum! These were scrumptious and were such a great chocolate hit with a touch of crunch too. Very moreish!Degustabox Review February - Cocoa Cookie Crunch

6. American Muffin Company – £2.50

These mini muffins are gluten free and wheat free – amazing. The muffins are individually wrapped, so great for snacking on the go, or popping into the kids’ lunch box. They were delicious and moist and had a lovely hit of vanilla. We sampled the chocolate chip muffins, but there is also double chocolate chip and blueberry mini muffins in this range.

Degustabox Review February - American Muffin Company

7. Peanut Hottie – £3

This is a peanut butter flavoured hot drink. We have tried this before in a hotel we stayed at once, and wasn’t very keen on the flavour. We’ve yet to open up this tub, but will give it another chance!

Degustabox Review February - Peanut Hottie

8. Laimon fresh – £1.99

A sparkling lemon, lime and mint flavoured soft drink only using 100% natural ingredients. This was a winner for both my husband and myself, the mint was so refreshing in this drink and I would definitely buy it again. Although, at £1.99 it feels a bit on the pricey side. Not only does it make a nice soft drink over ice, but would be great with white rum to create a Mojito!

Degustabox Review February - Laimon Fresh

9. Jack Link’s Beef Snack – £1.39

From the world’s best-selling meat snacks company, this bar o’ beef (as I called it!) was surprisingly tasty. It had a sweet smoky flavour – a bit too sweet for some I would think though. It is a great protein snack and something I would buy again. Only the best quality beef is used with is seasoned with a unique blend of spices and oven roasted.

Degustabox Review February - Jack Links Beef Snack

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