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A Fantastically Clean House from Fantastic Services + Discount Code

Over the weekend I celebrated my 40th Unbirthday! It was my unbirthday celebration because we are going on holiday for my actual birthday! I had organised a party on Saturday night for friends and family, then a family gathering on the Sunday. Between organising the parties, work, and lots other things we have going on, cleaning the house was right at the bottom of the list. Fantastic Services came to my rescue with a team of two cleaners, to give our house a good scrub and polish before the weekend.

Fantastic Services are one of the leading domestic services providers in London, the South East and the North West of England and they offer more than 40 unique services, including handyman, gardening, removals, rubbish removal, builders, pet care, and pest control. They also have a mobile booking app – GoFantastic – that lets you book a service within less than a minute and offers a real-time availability feature.

The plan was to take some “before” photographs, but honestly, I’m so embarrassed at the level of dust this house gathers, and the amount of grime we discovered after we moved lots of boxes to clear the downstairs space, that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! Suffice to say, the two cleaners did an amazing job over the course of 3.5 hours. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen our open plan living room/kitchen look so spick and span!

Fantastic Services

The Fantastic Cleaners arrived promptly at the 2pm scheduled time on Friday afternoon – a day before my party, and the least amount of time for dust to re-gather! The cleaners come equipped with the everything they needed to clean with – hoover, mop, buckets, dusters, cleaning rags, and professional-grade detergents. We had a one-off clean on this occasion, which you can read more about the one-off cleaning service on the Fantastic Services website here.

Before they got to work, I let them know what needed to be done: a thorough cleaning of the kitchen (they asked if I wanted the insides of the cupboards cleaned, which I said wasn’t needed – ain’t nobody gonna look inside my cupboards!); lots and lots of dusting; hoovering throughout, and finally the bathroom. I wasn’t concerned about the bedrooms, as they would be hidden from guests’ view. I know that the cleaning mission was a big undertaking, so I did say that if they didn’t get the bathroom clean, it was fine, as it is still shiny and new from the recent renovation, and only need a quick once-over.

But nope, they did everything I asked of them – including the bathroom. One cleaner started up in that room, and the other on the dusting. Together, they tackled the kitchen, and I don’t blame them! Our kitchen is very old and falling apart, and it feels like no matter how much we clean it, it never feels clean to me – if that makes sense? But oh my word, by the time they finished… even my husband said he’s never seen the taps look so shiny!

Much like our kitchen, our living room is in need of a long overdue makeover, and the carpet is hideous, but they hoovered the carpet within an inch of its life! Great job! All the dust was gone-  I hate dust with a passion, so to see dust free surfaces made me very happy. I love that they dusted properly too – moving photo frames and ornaments to clean not just around things, but under them too – then putting everything back.

Fantastic Services’ mission is to make people’s lives easier and happier; and they certainly lived up to that. Having cleaners in the day before my party was a lifeline – we would never have had the chance to do all of that and get everything ready for the party – we were already rushed as it was. Having had cleaners from Fantastic Services in last year, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if you need either a one-off clean, or something more regular (which we are going to do – we’re terrible with housework!) The prices are affordable, starting from £13 per hour for a one-off clean, and from £10.50 per hour for a regular domestic cleaning.

A huge thank you to Fantastic Services for providing us with the cleaning team – you did an amazing job!

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Terms & Conditions: £10  off first booking. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Does not apply for regular and one-off domestic cleaning as well as Christmas services. Min charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage. Valid till 21.07.2018

Fantastic Services

Disclosure: In collaboration with Fantastic Services.

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