European Capital Cities That Are Just As Inspiring In Colder Weather

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If you’re planning a city break in winter, many of the world’s capitals can sound grim and unappetising once winter falls. After all, if you are going away in winter surely you are just after the sun? But, if you are willing to brave a little cold you can discover a range of beautiful, lively cities at their quietest and most picturesque. Read on for our recommendations of the best capital cities that are just as inspiring in colder weather.


Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic offers something for everyone – a heady mix of incredible architecture and history with some of the most affordable pints in Europe. If you go in summer to get the heat and the rest of the package, it can seem as if the city is occupied entirely by British tourists who had the same idea. However, in winter you ae likely to find the flights cheaper and accommodation easier to come by.

Prague can have severely low temperatures in winter, with a lot of snow and ice, but the country knows to prepare well and is not paralysed by winter weather. If you want to be sure of an easy trip to your hotel from the airport it can be worth planning ahead and using a taxi service such as to get you securely and conveniently to your hotel so you can start orientating yourself to the city without too much difficulty.

If you really love the cold, you can enjoy the Heineken ice bar at the four-storey music club Karlovy Lazne. At this venue, everything you touch, from the tables to the glass you drink from, is made of ice! You will need a special insulated suit for the cold, but this bar is open from 12 noon to 5 in the morning so you will always find a time to fit it into your trip.


Recently judged by Lonely Planet to be the seventh-best country in the world to visit in 2020, The Netherlands is definitely the best of the lot to visit in winter. The capital Amsterdam is known for its hordes of Brits behaving badly, but in the winter you can enjoy a more authentic look at Dutch culture. With some of the best beers in the world being made in The Netherlands and northern Belgium, there are few cities in the world nicer for sitting down with a drink and good company to enjoy the evening. Amsterdam has much to recommend it, and if you are feeling brave you can rent a bike very cheaply to understand the Dutch mentality and worldview, shooting past the traffic in the bike lane.


Berlin in winter drops far below freezing but, as one of the world’s major cultural centres offers a huge range of activities. From indoor raves and music events to the Berlin Phil, this city swims with history. The chance to see Checkpoint Charlie and the last remnants of the Berlin wall offers a look at a moment of history that may soon be erased forever.


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