Easter 2012

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Better late than never…here are all the things that I cooked and made for Easter this year. I’ll be blogging about them today and over the next couple of days to bring me up to speed.

Now, I know that it’s too late for this Easter, but hey, it’s head start for next year right?!

I have already blogged about the Easter eggs that my son and I painted one afternoon. A fun project that gave some quality mum and son time! And the decorations can be packed away for next year.

And of course, there is the fuzzy Easter Chick Wreath that I made a couple of weeks ago.

To decorate the house a little, as well as the wreath and eggs that I made, I also put out my cute egg candles that I bought last year, and put together a bowlful of chocolate bunnies and eggs for everyone to have a nibble of over the Easter weekend.

When it came to cooking for Easter, I made a very quick and easy batch of Chocolate Easter Birds Nests, which I bagged up and gave out as gifts.

On the Saturday during the Easter weekend, I made a low calorie moussaka. It was tough to get it under 400 calories – but I just managed it!

If I haven’t told you before, I’m half Greek-Cypriot (the other half is Lithuanian!) and at Easter, these cheesecake pastries, called flaounes are eaten. Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday is the week after the Christian Easter (sometimes they fall at the same time) and in honour of that, I decided to look through my Cypriot cookbook and give them a go. They turned out so well…better than expected…and tasted so good! They got my dad’s seal of approval, and if it got those, I know they were good ^_^

It was also Passover at the same time as Easter, and since my husband is Jewish, we visited his parents and chowed down on some of my mother-in-law’s yummy cinnamon balls and macaroons. She shared the recipe with me (we inhaled them so quickly I don’t have a photo!) but I will be turning my hand to making them soon and will of course share the results!

Easter Sunday was spent at my parent’s house where mum and dad cooked a traditional lamb Sunday roast. The lamb was so tender and flavoursome. It’s nice to have someone else cook for you too :D

On Easter morning we decided to make some last minute candies using some moulds I had. They too got bagged up and given as gifts.

In addition to that, I also had a cupcake order to fill…for a gaggle of teenage girls – so I made just over 50 cupcakes – some with Justin Bieber and some with One Direction toppers…the rest ended up having pink glitter all over them! I bought the toppers from eBay.

I had wanted to have a go at making some chocolate eggs as I had bought moulds to do that (and the chocolate) and I was also going to make a jelly bunny (another mould bought) but ran out of time…I also ran out of time to make hot cross buns on Good Friday…ah well, next year!

I’ll update this page as I blog about everything in the coming days – stay tuned!

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