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We’ve established that I am Disney obsessed right?! In that case, it will come as no surprise that any Disney related blogging opportunities that come my way will more than likely pique my interest.

When I learned about the new Tsum Tsum Vacation Pack from Posh Paws International that is being launched exclusively at Clintons, I knew immediately that I was IN! 

I also happen to collect Tsum Tsums, and have over 100 (and counting) of the little plush critters… yes, I’m that crazy Disney merch collector!

#TsumTsumTravels - Vacations with the Tsum Tsums! It's fun for kids to take their favourite toys on holiday and have an adventure with them. See how the holiday with the Tsum Tsum Vacation pack went!

For those not in the know, Tsum Tsum are cute and cuddly plush Disney characters. They are soft and stackable, and the name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”, because the toys are shaped like a [sort of] rectangle and designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape. You can buy them in different sizes – large (17″/43cm); medium (11″/28cm); and mini (3.5″/9cm). I collect the mini Tsum Tsum – any bigger and my house would be overrun!

The Tsum Tsum Vacation Pack has 6 (mini) Tsum Tsum with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Dumbo all kitted out ready for their vacation! I love the little suitcase packaging that the Tsum Tsum come in, it’s just the cutest thing!

Mickey has SCUBA gear on complete with goggles and tank and ready to go exploring under the sea! Minnie isn’t as daring as Mickey, but she’s ready for the water with her goggles and little pink flippers.

Donald is ready to catch some waves dude on his surf board, and the ever stylish Daisy is wearing a pretty swimming costume with a dainty swim cap!

Goofy isn’t the most confident swimmer, so he has a little duck rubber ring to keep him afloat, and finally Dumbo is ready to capture it all with his camera hung around his neck.

We are not going on our “summer holidays” until December, so I asked my my niece, Sephy to be my roving reporter! She was heading off on a cruise with her mummy (my sister), daddy, and her granny and grandpa which is a big adventure for a 4 year old! Let it be known that I am a big kid at heart, and if we had been on holiday, I totally would have done this!

I handed her the suitcase of Tsum Tsum, and her mission was to take Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the gang on her adventures and take some photos for me. With the help of mummy, I had a flow of different photos come through to me when they stopped at port around Spain and Portugal. Mummy had bought Sephy a pretty awesome camera converter which turned an old smartphone into an easy to use bit of kit! Look how excited she looks!

Kid's Camera

After a long drive to Southampton, Sephy settled into her cabin with mummy and daddy, and of course the Tsum Tsum! She lined them all up on the bed (and her favourite plush seal also joined in) then she took them out onto the verandah to show them view!

Of course safety is of utmost importance on a ship, so after the safety briefing, Sephy made sure to show the Tsum Tsum where the life rings were located.

Tsum Tsum Vacation - Life Ring

The #TsumTsumTravels began with a day at sea, stopping at the ports of Vigo in Spain; Porto, and Lisbon in Portugal, and St. Peter Port in Guernsey, with another day at sea in between. They got to explore a huge ship, visit new places, and even sun themselves on the beach!

When they arrived back home in England, Sephy told me all about how much fun she had on her cruise, and that it was so much fun to take the Tsum Tsum along with her. She now loves the Tsum Tsum and when she comes to my house, we empty out the big bag* of Tsum Tsum that I have got and we play stacking games with them!

These Tsum Tsum now belongs to Sephy – they’d get bored at my house after all the excitement of a cruise! But don’t worry, I’ll be buying my own set to add to my Tsum Tsum collection!

*I am waiting to find a permanent display solution for my collection!!

#TsumTsumTravels on the beach in Portugal. Tsum Tsum toys all lined up on the sandy beach.

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