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You may remember my post last week about Mickey Ears ornaments… this week it is the turn of Disney shoe ornaments, which I first noticed on holiday last year – or was it the year before? Either way, I fell in love with the designs of these, and just like the Mickey Ears ornaments, I am sure that they are 3 for the price of 2, which means it’s rude not to buy 3 of them at one time! Otherwise they are $24.95 each.

They are all just so gorgeous! At around 3¼” high, and embellished with bright colours, gems, and glitter,  to make them fit with the character they are designed for. I love that you can tell pretty much who they are all for without having to read on the sole of the shoe, where the name of the owner is printed. They come with a hanging ribbon, so that you can hang them from a Christmas tree.

I picked 25 out of the nearly 30 on the DisneyStore.com website, and there is a tiny selection on the DisneyStore.co.uk website for £15 each.

I already have the following shoe ornaments: Queen of Hearts, Ursula, and Evil Queen. I think this year I will be buying Minnie Mouse, Maleficent, and Jack Skellington. Which are your favourites?


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