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I’ve always been one to make my own greetings cards, and I love getting crafty and creative whenever I can, but sometimes, my mojo decides wander off! This is where Cricut Explore steps in, because even if my crafting brain has gone on vacation, I can still craft something delightful without too much thought!

There are lots of ready-to-make projects in the Cricut Design Space, and you can have a go at making cards, boxes, decorations, invitations, jewellery and so much more. If one of the pre-made designs doesn’t take your fancy, you can start with a completely blank mat and design your own from the thousands of different images that Cricut have available for free and for subscription.

With a wedding coming up, I decided that I wanted to make a card for the newlyweds, and took a quick look through the ready-to-make projects. I couldn’t find a wedding day card, so thought to myself “I’ll design and make my own!” And that’s exactly what I did!

Design & Make a Wedding Day Card with Cricut Explore

In fact, I actually designed the lettering in Photoshop, exported it as a .png file and then uploaded that to Cricut Design Space (it’s so fab you can upload your own designs!) to turn it into my card.

I’ve never done this before, so far I’ve just used the templates that are available to me, so it was a bit of a trial and error, and I made several cuts before I got things right – but I love that I slowly taught myself what was going to work and what wasn’t, and in the end, I’ve ended up with a wedding day card that I’m really happy with!

Now, unfortunately, and I’m not sure why at the moment, (I still have lots to learn!) but I can’t seem to save and share the finished project, but what I can share is my .png file which you can then upload to your Cricut Craft Room and create your own wedding day card!

Click the image below to open the Wedding-Day.png file, then right click to save to your computer.

Wedding Day Card PNG File for Cricut Explore

I just so happened to make my card in blue, as that was the wedding colours, but you can of course use any colours you like! Everything in the PNG file above that is blue, is the negative space – the bits you remove, leaving the script writing and entwined hearts as part of the card.

You simply upload the image (choose the basic option) and insert it on your virtual mat. You can then search the thousands of images for a blank card and insert to sit behind it if you’d like a two colour card. I then had to group the layers – the card and the png file and then weld them together – the little icons appear when you are able to do this in the layers palette. This is so that the Cricut Explore cuts the correct bits out – which is where I failed the first time!!

I did play about with the sizes, and as I said at the top of this post, I had a bit of trial and error with the cutting…but the design as it is now works! The only thing I couldn’t work out was to add a score line, as it wouldn’t score it horizontally like I thought it would. However, I was able to score by hand once I’d cut the card out.


When both pieces were cut – I then sprayed the back of the text with glue (I found this the easiest way to affix these sorts of projects) and then pressed the insert on top and placed inside a heavy book to dry thoroughly and stay flat.

Oh how I wish I’d had a Cricut Explore when I was planning our wedding 5 years ago – it would have made so many little crafting jobs (I made all the stationery for our wedding) a billion times easier!

If you’ve got a Cricut Explore and haven’t yet tried to create your own designs – give it a go – it’s the best way to learn!

The Cricut Explore is available in the UK and you can buy it online now!

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination!