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Classrooms need to inspire students to learn, as the vast majority of the time their learning takes place here. So, if yours is dull, lifeless and frankly uninspiring, you have a problem.

But, don’t panic – here are some simple decorating ideas that will instantly inject interest into your classroom!

Inspiring Quote

Inspiration is a vital cog in the wheel of education and learning, therefore how better to achieve this in your classroom than to have an inspiring quote on the door as your students breeze past. The right choice of quote – made to stand out with the right choice of decoration (think about appropriate colour and font) – will surely make them stop and think of how they can push themselves in every lesson.

Display Student Work

Following on from this, and an idea which ties in nicely, is to create an eye-catching, vibrant student work display on your classroom wall. It needs to have a full range of colour to make each piece of work stand out, but also consider using lamination to ensure the durability of those precious publications!

To promote and maintain interest from both students and visitors to your classroom you can set up a bulletin board for all the important dates and events throughout the school year. Colourful, vibrant border trims are perfect as they will distinguish the bulletin from another wall displays.

To really add an extra dimension to your classroom you can incorporate some 3D decoration. This would be ideal for showcasing any outstanding student artwork, however making it yourself is just as effective. Maybe you’ve got some science or geography work to show off, so why not make a 3D cloud with raindrops? If you struggle to envisage these ideas, or you feel as if you couldn’t do them justice, advice and support with your budding interior design project can be found here. If you wanted to go for a theme of luscious literature and language, hanging books are a great idea – all you need is some command hooks and string. Here are 27 insanely clever ways to display books.

If anything screams dull, lifeless and uninspiring it’s filing cabinets, right? Well, not any longer! By simply covering your filing cabinets with wrapping paper you can bring colour and character back to that forgotten corner of the classroom.

From one metal container to another. Tin cans are usually thrown away but a fantastic way to re-use them for the classroom is to transform them into magnetic pen holders. Most schools will have whiteboards that are magnetic, although if yours isn’t these pen holders work great either way! This is a cheap, simple idea and you can create as many as you like depending on the size of your class.

Do you struggle to get your students interested to read? Well, struggle no more! You can easily set up a colourful mini-library in your classroom, with only plastic baskets and some shelves. Organise the books in colourful, plastic baskets and label each one so your students know every type of book available. This idea will instantly add colour to a classroom and will also encourage more reading.


Finally, you may be thinking why the word ‘poster’ hasn’t popped up yet. Well, that’s because not just any poster will do. Scrap the boring, standardised posters you can buy off the internet and swap them for posters made by the students themselves. This adds character to your classroom and by letting them be a part of your decorating project, you will see it have a positive affect on the students as well.


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