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We all have them, the drawer in the house where everything gets thrown in…the junk drawer…and somehow, over time, it becomes so hideously cluttered that you can’t find what you want, and end up buying new junk to put in said junk drawer, only to find you already have it -__- That, my friends, is the story of my life and why one of the reasons one of my new year’s resolutions is to organise our home, and decluttering goes hand in hand with that.

Today I decided we should declutter the junk drawer and make it a little bit more organised so that we can find the things we need easily (and stop doubling up on products and wasting money doing so).

It ain’t pretty but here is the before of our junk drawer:

15 Minute Junk Drawer Decluttering | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

As you can see, it is overflowing with, well, junk…but junk we do need and/or use. However, some of that junk just ended up in there and isn’t where it should be at all. What you can’t see from this photograph is all the junk underneath that! This drawer is was crammed full of stuff!

For starters, that mallet? 1) I don’t know why we even have that, and b) it belongs in hubster’s tool box! The pegs, I don’t know why we have those either, since I can’t remember the last time it was even dry enough to hang clothes out on the line (the perils of living in what seems to be perpetually rainy England!) That said, I do need new pegs, so they are handy to have to hand when the sun shines and I can hang clothes outside again!

There is also a mishmash of tools, batteries, candles, matches, plugs, fuses and shoe care stuff.

So, first thing we did was take everything out – I should have taken a photo, but I didn’t – I was too embarrassed!!

Since we are planning on moving later on this year, I don’t want to spend too much money organising stuff because it may not fit in our new place. So I found these shallow baskets that fit quite nicely in the drawer and allow me to corral everything in groups; thus making things easy to find – and in theory – easy to keep tidy.

15 Minute Junk Drawer Decluttering | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Of course, we cleaned the drawer too – and pulled it out of its runners to clean underneath…oh my gawsh, the dust…it was crazy insane…and gross too…how does dust even get under a drawer like that? Hideous! It’s now all gone :D

I then decided what of the junk was needed, what worked (batteries were tested) and what wasn’t actually supposed to live in the junk drawer.
And now the big reveal…ta da! How much tidier and organised is that???

15 Minute Junk Drawer Decluttering | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

A place for everything and everything in its place :)

Plugs, adaptors and time switches went in a basket at the top left. There is also a couple of measuring tapes – regular and metal and some string.

Candles – scented, tealights and birthday (in a small tub) along with lighters and matches in the top right basket.

Batteries – we have so many of those, (with wireless controllers for the Wii, we go through them quite fast. We do have a recharging unit…somewhere!). So, the front left basket now holds all the batteries. The small tub contains fuses and replacement fairy lights (quite randomly). Of course there is the battery testing gadget too – handy today for getting rid!

And in the final basket, bottom right, are shoe cleaning products.

Slotted in front of the baskets are the pegs, a small toolkit (since hubby’s huge toolbox lives in the shed) and a power breaker plug, which wouldn’t fit the basket :(

I’m so pleased that that drawer is now tidy…I actually love decluttering, it makes me feel soooo much better! I like to think I’m pretty good at getting rid of stuff we don’t need (often have to battle with my hubby though, who is a bit of a hoarder) and have no qualms about chucking stuff out that we haven’t used for months/years or giving it to a charity shop so that someone else can use my unwanted stuff.

In this unit there are 4 drawers. This is the bottom drawer, and we tackled the one above it too. That drawer is also an overflowing mess….as you can see *shame*

There is so much stuff crammed into this drawer that stuff falls down the back and to the drawer below. It’s a nightmare to even find anything in there and I get stressed just opening the drawer to get a bin liner or the roll of tin foil.

15 Minute Junk Drawer Decluttering | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Again, everything was taken out and stuff that was gross or not needed was thrown. Some of the tea towels were past their best, so they went. We found two lots of baking paper (probably because we didn’t realise we had some and bought more) and ditto on the bin bags too…

With everything stacked neatly and the mountain of tea towels sorted through, folded and stacked, this drawer is now a lot more presentable, and I can see at a glance exactly what we have (or don’t have).

15 Minute Junk Drawer Decluttering | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

The best thing of all, is that this declutter took us about 15 minutes to do! When I think of the minutes wasting rummaging through those drawers to find something, I think it was 15 minutes well spent to organise everything :)

Why not take just one drawer – be it kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or anyroom, and set a timer for 15 minutes – knowing you are racing the clock really spurs you on to get things sorted :D And, you never know what you might find (I had hoped for some money, but alas!!)

Happy junk drawer decluttering!

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