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So here we are – at the end of December, the end of 2015, and 31 photographs taken for Project 365 : 2015.

2015 was my 5th year of Project 365 – an annual photography project where I take and share a photograph a day. I started this back in 2011, as a way to improve my photography, and I can see over the years how much my skills have grown. However, I have struggled in 2015, not taking photos each day, but doing batches, or using old photographs, and my mojo has well and truly gone.

After 5 years of doing Project 365, that’s 1826 photographs (the extra one is for the 2012 leap year!), and thousands more taken over the years… I’ve decided not to continue for a 6th consecutive year. I love taking and sharing photographs, that love will never change, but the pressure to do so has got too much for me over the past year, and it’s time to bid a fond farewell to the project. To those who took the time to look at, and comment on my photographs over the years, thank you!

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December ends with a rather bittersweet photograph – The End, Day 365 – because it’s the last photo I’ll take for Project 365. I may well come back to the project in the future, I may decide to pick it up later on in the year, or I may do something completely different, who knows… Other favourites this month are Perfection – Day 361, of my son and my niece when we were in Disneyland Paris for Christmas – such wonderful memories were made over those festive few days, and Christmas Comes Early – Day 354, of my cheeky niece, who has grown up during my project over the years – in fact, her first photo, at around 30 minutes old, was my photo for day 290 in October 2012! I love all the photos I took during December, which is pretty rare as there are often one or two that I am not particularly fond of, but I’m glad I went out on a high!

Here are all of my Project 365 : 2015 photographs for December. I’d love to know your favourite(s) – why not tell me in the comments section?

Project 365 ideas and tips…

As well as a photo a day, I also include an idea or tip each day too. It’s not always easy to think of one, but I do my best and hope that you find them helpful for your own Project 365! Here are all 31 tips for December. See all 365 ideas and tips here.


  1. Something you collect
  2. Red leaves
  3. Sunrise
  4. Christmas trees
  5. Top of the tree
  6. Get in close
  7. Let it go
  8. Couples
  9. Glitter
  10. Christmas decorations
  11. Momento
  12. Your favourite things
  13. Dark & light
  14. Heart shapes
  15. Straighten
  16. Hang in there
  17. Mini Figs
  18. More ornaments
  19. Cold
  20. Kids at Christmas
  21. Repetitive
  22. Reflective surfaces
  23. Firsts
  24. A different castle
  25. Christmas lights
  26. Things are not always what they seem
  27. Night time
  28. Cut it off
  29. iPhoneography
  30. Fireworks & silhouettes
  31. 365

How have you been doing with your photography project? Did you make it through all 365 days?


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