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Me and Mum

Dear Mum…

My friends often say to me that I’m so lucky I am to have a mum like you… and they’re right! I, along with my sisters and brother, are VERY lucky to have a mum like you. A kind, caring, funny, patient, and loving mum, who has dealt with everything life has thrown at her with dignity and strength and a big dose of humour – because, if you don’t laugh, you cry (or laugh-cry, like we often do together!)

I know, when you open this blog post in your emails, you will start to feel the prickles of tears in your eyes… as I write this, I am getting them too! We are so alike you and I, and if we were sitting together right now, I know we would do the laugh-crying thing together.

I’m writing this because I’ve been asked by Littlewoods (one of your favourite catalogues that I remember looking through when I was younger!) to write about a time in my life when mum knew best, and in return I’d receive a pamper day to share with you. How can I pass up on a chance to reminisce about my younger days, and spend some quality time with my mum, whilst enjoying some pampering?!

I’m trying to think back to times when we’ve come to blows about something – but I’m struggling… I wan’t the rebellious teenager – although there was that period around 18/19, with you know who! I can’t remember any huge arguments that you and I have had, or times when I’ve wanted to do something, and you’ve said no, and that I would regret it. I didn’t have boyfriends when I was a teen, so this video of a mum preparing for the fallout of her daughter and her boyfriend, never really applied to us! But, the overall message of “Mum’s Always There” does apply…


When I was being bullied in school, you were in hospital having my brother – I remember telling you about it whilst you sat in that hospital bed. You gave me some advice, and I took it. That boy never did bully me again!

When I was in hospital in labour and couldn’t have pain relief, you were there encouraging me and breathing along with me! It hurt, and I know it was hard for you to watch me go through so much to have Liam, but I don’t think I could have done it without you!

When I’ve broken down over different things over the years, you’ve always been there with your wisdom, a listening ear (only one, cos you’re deaf in the other :P ), an anecdote, a laugh, a cry, a hug, a plan… there’s nothing quite like a chat with you mum!

You’ve always let me make my own mistakes – no matter how hard it must have been for you to witness them. You always said being a mum was hard, but that you had to let me (and us, my siblings) do what we have to do – without us making these mistakes, we would never learn. And it’s rubbed off on me, because I’m exactly the same sort of mum too.  It is hard, but my boy has to learn from his mistakes and experiences, just like I did!

Above everything, the thing you do best, is make me laugh – even during our most emotional of chats, there are the smirks, giggles and the crying with laughter – somehow, this makes everything that little bit easier to deal with. And I think that’s why this old photo of us sums up everything I love about you!

Mum and Me
Disclosure: In association with Littlewoods

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