Days Out with Robinsons Squash’d – Us Two on a Picnic!

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Robinsons Squash’d is a new, super exciting, super concentrated squash with no added sugar and it comes in a bottle so small it’ll fit in your pocket or handbag. Making 20 great tasting drinks in three delicious flavours; Orange & Peach, Apple & Blackcurrant and Summer Fruits, it’s the perfect drink wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. #GETSQUASHD

We were sent three bottles of the new Robinsons Squash’d – one of each flavour to try out, and in a bid to show you can use them anywhere, I threw them into my handbag and said to hubs, “we’re going out!” So off we went for a bit of a drive, a bit of fresh air and a bit of a picnic ^_^ The boy was away for the weekend, so it’s proof positive that fruit squash can be for grown ups too!

Our morning started off with a stop off at the local supermarket to pick up a few items to have an impromptu picnic lunch. Our supermarket has a lunch section right at the front of the store, so it’s handy to pick up some savoury and sweet goodies without having to do too much thinking. I also grabbed a few bottles of water to test out the bottles of Squash’d!

We then drove off towards Essex to see what we could see. We stopped off first at Mountnessing Windmill. It’s only open to the public on one day a month, so we just looked at it – oooh, pretty! My SD card in my camera decided to stop working at this point so I was less than impressed, as typically I had only brought out my camera and not my whole case with my extra cards.

Not sure where the warm weather that the forecasters had promised was, because it was really quite chilly! We headed back into the car to drive on somewhere else, passing fields of bright yellow which I pulled over in a layby to take a photo of.

By now, hubs had worked his magic and the SD card was working – huzzah!

We ended up at Tylers Wood, which is in Upminster, Essex, and decided to have a bit of a wander around. The car park here is tiny – enough for about 5 cars.

We were the only people, so a lovely quiet spot with views across London…a little bit hazy but you can make out The Shard! Would love to see this on a clear day!

By now we were thirsty and a bit peckish so out came the picnic basket (yes, I was prepared with that in the boot of the car!) and we sat at the bench at the top of the hill.

Before anything else, it was time to make up three bottles of drink with the three different flavours of Squash’d. The instructions give you quantities – 3.3ml to 250ml of water, ain’t nobody got time for that…we just guessed because we had big bottles of water. After a squirt of the concentrate, we tasted it and then added a little bit more.

I loved the seal on the bottle which means that you don’t spill squash everywhere when you tip it upside down to squirt it into your water.

I’m so excited about Robinsons Squash’d I made a duck face to model the tiny bottle!

Just because we’re grown ups does not mean we have to GROW UP!

The sun started to come out and warm the place up a bit, which was very welcome – I had been freezing! It was nice to spend some time out in the fresh air with hubs, having a chat and a laugh – that is a sausage in the photo above by the way!! We then packed away our rubbish and made a move home to do boring things like tidying up!

As I’m typing up this blog post, the boy has come home and saw the bottles of Squash’d in the kitchen. He just tried one out and said they were cool. I agree!

At £2 (ish) each, they are on the expensive side compared with ‘regular’ bottles of squash, but what you’re paying for here is the convenience and size of the bottle – at least, that is how I feel about them. They are super concentrated so whilst is says it makes 20 drinks, you may get a few more out of it if you don’t like your fruit squash very strong. I love that they come in these small, fits in the palm of your hand bottles that can easily be kept in your handbag or pocket, and the safety cap inside means that they shouldn’t leak everywhere.

I see them as a great product to keep in the car for times when you’re out and about and want something more exciting than the bottle of water you’ve got in the car. For being able to give the kids a different flavour squash without lugging different drinks around – just one big bottle of water, a few cups and the bottles of Squash’d!

They’d also be great for taking on an aeroplane. at 66ml they are under the 100ml allowance for liquids on the plane and can easily be used with minimum fuss.

My favourite flavour was Summer Fruits, hubs liked the Apple & Blackcurrant. I’m hoping they’ll make a lemon flavour one as that’s my favourite squash!

Have you tried Robinsons Squash’d? Which one is your favourite flavour?

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