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Downtown Disney; Fulton’s Crab House (Signature Dining); Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue (Dinner Show)

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August 22nd, 2014

…Continued from Part 1…

We were not enjoying Downtown Disney this year due to all the construction work going on. With all the hoardings up, it felt very claustrophobic in some places, and I can’t wait for it all to be finished. My sole aim of a shopping trip here was to use some of our snack credits in Goofy’s Candy Co. and also to take a look around the new Marketplace Co-Op.


Downtown Disney - Goofys Candy Co

Downtown Disney - Goofys Candy Co

Like kids in a candy store (ho ho!) we spent a grand total of $78.22 or 17 snack credits. We bought some character cookies, bags of candy, boxes of Minnie’s cookies, Star Wars candy tins, a frozen drink (for Liam) and a Maleficent cake pop (for me). Photos are for illustrative purposes, as we bought candy and cookies all over the place on this trip! And these all went back to the UK with us as gifts.

Disney Character Cookies

Goofys Candy Co Candy Bags

Minnies Bake Shop Cookies

Star Wars Candy

Maleficent Cake Pop

Maleficent Cake Pop

Bags of candy from Goofy’s Candy Co., Disney Character Cookies, Star Wars Candy Tins, Frozen Drink, Minnie’s Cookies, Maleficent Cake Pop

Total: $78.22 (17 Credits)

DxDDP Running Snack Totals: $177.21 | Snack Credits: 40/84

We moved on to Marketplace Co-Op, as I really wanted to buy some of the tiki themed merchandise, and had my eye on the Enchanted Tiki Room sign :D I didn’t buy it as it was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, and I didn’t think we’d fit it into our suitcase! I deeply regret that now, so if they’re still selling them when we go back, I’m buying it!

Downtown Disney - Marketplace Co-Op

Downtown Disney - Marketplace Co-Op

Downtown Disney - Marketplace Co-Op

I really liked the feel of Marketplace Co-Op, and fortunately, when we went, it wasn’t busy, so we could have a good mooch around. There was lots of lovely items for sale – lots at very high prices, so we didn’t walk away with much from here.

We then made our way over to World of Disney as I wanted to see if I could get a refund or replacement on a necklace that I had bought on our previous trip. I had worn it just the once and the clasp broke, and I brought it with me, along with the original receipt. As it so happens, they still stocked the same necklace, and the Cast Member was happy to replace it for me.

Downtown Disney - World of Disney

Project 365 : 2014 - Day 260

We had a look around in here, and I fell in love with the Disney Villain shoe ornaments, so treated myself to three of them. I bought Ursula, Queen of Hearts and Evil Queen; and I’ll more than likely pick up more on another trip!

Downtown Disney - World of Disney

We decided to head back to Old Key West as Liam wanted to go in the pool, so we walked to the boat dock to catch one back to the resort. We caught the boat from the dock in Marketplace over to Westside, which is where you catch the resort boat from.

Downtown Disney - Characters in Flight

However, by the time we waited for our boat, the rain started to drizzle – we all climbed aboard and the boat pushed away from the dock. We put our ponchos on as the rain did start to lash in from the sides, and we hoped we would make it back to Old Key West, but, as usual, the Orlando weather had other plans, and the captain announced he had to turn the boat around due to a thunderstorm. We didn’t want to walk all the way over the bus station (which is at Marketplace) so instead, quickly walked to the taxi rank near Cirque du Soleil to hail a cab. By now it was bucketing it down, and it still amazes me how fast the weather can turn! It was about $10 for the cab from what I remember.

…Concluded in Part 3…


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