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It was onto Disney’s Boardwalk next, which is just a short drive away. You can actually walk to Boardwalk from Beach & Yacht Club (as well as to Epcot and Hollywood Studios!) but we took the car around as we would be moving onto more resorts.

I love the Boardwalk, and I really want to stay here! The decor inside the hotel is a bit on the weird side with some rather creepy looking chairs with faces on them, and then there is the scary clown pool (you’ll see more of that in 2019’s report, as we did end up staying in the Boardwalk Villas!)

We started inside the Boardwalk Inn where they had the main Christmas Tree and decorations, as well as a gingerbread version of the Boardwalk Bakery. If I recall correctly, they were also selling some gingerbread and other holiday treats.

In the UK we have piers, which are elevated wooden platforms that go out over the sea; in the US they have boardwalks, which are also elevated wooden platforms that usually run alongside a beach. The similarities they do have are the amusements that they have like rides, shops, arcades, and places to buy food and drink. Boardwalks can also have hotels, museums, and mini-golf courses too. I am fascinated by American culture and think that boardwalks are pretty cool.

The first boardwalk was built in 1870, and so, Disney’s Boardwalk as a somewhat old-timey, Victoriana feel to it – and this also applies to the Christmas decorations – which are bright and colourful, and also some are on the weirder side, like the cat-fish, and the dog-fish ornaments! They also have what I can only describe as a funfair/circus theme with various animal ornaments like lions, elephants, and giraffes. Although, on closer inspection, I wonder if they might be from a carousel, as some have a pole going through them!

Boardwalk Christmas Tree
Dog-fish ornament!
Dog-fish ornament!
Cat-fish ornament!
Cat-fish ornament!
Boardwalk Christmas Tree

The sign in the photo above is for the Gingerbread Academy, where you can work directly with their Pastry Chef Team and build your very own Gingerbread House! The cost is $125 for up to 4 guests (which I don’t think is that bad a price) and I would guess you get to keep your masterpiece too. (You can also spot one of the creep face chairs by the fireplace!).

Disney's Boardwalk Bakery - Gingerbread Version
Boardwalk Christmas Tree

We then ventured outside and onto the Boardwalk itself – we found another Christmas tree, and then visited Ample Hills Creamery for some ice cream.

Disney's Boardwalk Christmas Garland
Disney's Boardwalk Inn - Swimming Pool
Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Swimming Pool – you can just see the creepy clown slide!
Disney's Boardwalk Bakery
Disney’s Boardwalk Bakery

Ample Hills Creamery is a Brooklyn-based ice cream parlor that now has a store on Disney’s Boardwalk. We had heard rave reviews about the ice cream here, so simply had to try it out for ourselves!

Treat yourself to a tasty cone straight out of Brooklyn, courtesy of this turn-of-the-century take on the ice cream parlor.  Located outside of New York City for the very first time, Ample Hills Creamery gives you and your family the chance to see magic being made as ice cream and mix-ins are handcrafted the old-fashioned way. Walt Disney World

Ample Hills Creamery

There isn’t any seating inside, but a few tables and chairs out on the Boardwalk. There is a lot of choices – from lots of delicious and unique ice cream flavours to different toppings, and even the type of ice cream dessert you want. They sell cones, sundaes, milkshakes, floats, ice cream sandwiches, cups, and even flights of ice cream!

Then within all the desserts are more options! There is a choice of sugar, cake, waffle, cookie, M&M’s, pretzel, or chocolate chip cones; or you could have your ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip or sugar cookies.

In the sundaes, which are served in a waffle bowl, you can pick brownie or ooey-gooey buttercake; and the floats can be non-alcoholic with root beer, Coke, or blood orange; or alcoholic with hard root beer, hard black cherry cider or prosecco!

Ample Hills Creamery

We decided to keep things really simple and ordered an ice cream flight to share. You are able to choose six different flavours.

I managed to get a photo of each flavour so you can see what they have. (We did revisit in 2019, and a lot of the flavours were the same, but there were some different ones too!)

Here are all the flavours that were available:

  • Vanilla Bean – vanilla bean ice cream made with Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.
  • Malty Salty Pretzel Punch – vanilla malted ice cream with chocolate-covered pretzels.
  • PB Wins The Cup – vanilla ice cream with peanut butter chocolate flakes and housemade peanut butter cups.
  • Peppermint Pattie – cool peppermint ice cream with flakes of dark chocolate and housemade peppermint patties.
  • Chocolate Milk & Cookies – creamy milk chocolate ice cream with pieces of back-to-nature sandwich creme cookies.
  • Strawberries & Cream – smooth and pure strawberry ice cream.
  • Dark Chocolate – rich dark chocolate ice cream made with 72% E.Guittard chocolate.
  • Sweet Cream & Cookies – sweet cream ice cream with pieces of back-to-nature sandwich creme cookies.
  • Sally Sells Seashells – fresh and fluffy orange marshmallow ice cream with housemade salty chocolate seashells. Available exclusively here at Ample Hills Creamery on the Boardwalk.
  • Coffee Toffee Coffee – coffee ice cream with housemade espresso-infused chocolate-covered toffee pieces.
  • Ooey Gooey Buttercake – the creamiest vanilla ice cream made with cream cheese and gobs of St. Louis-style ooey gooey buttercake. A staff favorite!
  • Cotton Candy – 100% all-natural blue cotton candy ice cream made with no artificial colors or flavors.
  • Butter Pecan Brittle – dark brown sugar ice cream with pieces of housemade pecan brittle.
  • Lemon Sky – light and billowy lemon ginger sorbet made with a splash of limoncello.
  • Nonna D’s Oatmeal Lace – dark brown sugar cinnamon ice cream with housemade oatmeal lace cookies.
  • Baked/Unbaked – vanilla ice cream with pieces of housemade chocolate chip cookies and brown butter cookie dough.
Ample Hills Creamery Ice Cream Flight

I can’t 100% remember all of the flavours that we picked for our flight, but I’m going to take a guess! I’m pretty sure we got Lemon Sky; Sally Sells Seashells; Butter Pecan Brittle; Nonna D’s Oatmeal Lace; and maybe one of the cookie flavours!

Ample Hills Creamery


Ice Cream Flight – Customize your flight with up to 6 different flavors! ($9.49)

Ample Hills Creamery Ice Cream Flight

Ample Hills Creamery » Disney’s Boardwalk

Bill: $9.49 + Tax: $0.62 + Tip: $0 = $10.11
TiW Discount: $n/a

Total Paid: $10.11

Yacht & Beach Club - across Crescent Lake from Boardwalk
Yacht & Beach Club – across Crescent Lake from Boardwalk
Friendship Boat on Crescent Lake
Friendship Boat on Crescent Lake
Yacht & Beach Club's water slide is a old ship!
Yacht & Beach Club’s water slide is an old ship!

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