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Day 9 of Hibiscus & Holly At The Poly 2017, the latest of my Disney Trip Reports, is here! Today we visited more Disney Resort Hotels to see their Christmas trees and decorations. We had a quick lunch at Beach Club, some ice cream on Disney’s Boardwalk, and dinner in the evening at Maya Grill.

The Hibiscus & Holly at The Poly 2017 Trip Report Index tells you a bit about the planning of this trip, as well as some info about me and my family (the Cast Members!) In short you have me, Michelle; Steve, my husband; and Liam, my son. It also, of course, has the full list of days for the trip.

Day 9: Disney Resort Christmas Tree Trail Part 3

Beach Club / Lunch from Beach Club Marketplace / Yacht Club / BoardWalk / Ice Cream from Ample Hills Creamery / Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village / Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House / Coronado Springs / Dinner at Maya Grill
December 15, 2017
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Today was another busy day on the Disney Resort Christmas Tree Trail – not an official one by Disney, just what we decided to focus on, on this trip! We started the day at Disney’s Beach Club where we also had a quick lunch at the Beach Club Marketplace – the Resort’s Quick Service location.

We actually started the tour of this resort on the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) side, which was also decorated for the holidays. I can’t remember why we started over on this side, I think we must have parked nearby and figured it was the best place to start!

Disney's Beach Club Villas
Hidden Mickey's in the carpet
Hidden Mickey in the carpet!

We have never been to the DVC part of Beach Club before, and it was quite confusing to us, with very long corridors! We did eventually find our way out and into the main building. We stopped off in a sitting room/drawing room area which had lots of beach and ocean themed bric-à-brac and had decorations with blue and silver touches.

Dresser with seaside and beach decorations and knick-knacks

In the lobby area of Beach Club Villas, the Christmas tree and decorations were very traditional, with reds, and golds, as well as lots of snowflakes and Santa Claus ornaments.


As you enter the main building of Disney’s Beach Club from Beach Club Villas, you will find the Marketplace, which is a combination of the resort’s gift shop where you can buy all kinds of merchandise, as well as the Quick Service/Counter Service location. It was actually early afternoon by the time we got to the resort, so we grabbed a couple of things to share for lunch, including a Stitch Cupcake!

I seem to have no record of what we actually bought – but I do have a photo of a snack pack with fruit, cheese, and crackers! No idea how much this cost, nor the price of the cupcake – sorry!

cheese, crackers, and fruit
Stitch Cupcake
Seasonal Stitch Cupcake

Into the main building now, where the big focus is the Gingerbread Carousel – which is made, as the name would suggest, from gingerbread! It is truly a magnificent piece of culinary artwork. Not to mention culinary engineering, as the carousel does actually move too!

Gingerbread Carousel at Disney's Beach Club Resort
Beach Club - Gingerbread Carousel

The ingredients list for the carousel is displayed – and itself is written in chocolate, on a chocolate scroll! It says:

Gingerbread Carousel

Presented by the Yacht & Beach Bakery and Engineering Team for the 18th year!
This massive candy construction is made of the following:

  • 36 pounds of honey
  • 96 pounds of bread flour
  • 100 pints of eggs
  • 10 pounds of spices
  • 10 quarts of simple syrup
  • 150 pounds of icing
  • 50 pounds of dark chocolate
  • 50 pounds of modeling chocolate
  • 200 gum paste flowers

Lots of enthusiasm, energy, and talent.
2017 pieces of gingerbread.
18 hidden gold Mickeys… can you find them?
Happy Holidays!

Beach Club - Gingerbread Carousel

The carousel had a Lilo & Stitch theme, which was awesome because I love Lilo & Stitch! There was another candy sign saying:

Mele Kalikimaka
Means family
Family means no one
is left behind or

Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaiian for Merry Christmas; and I’m sure you are all familiar with the quote about Ohana, from the movie itself.

Lilo’s doll, Scrump sat at the very top of the carousel, and Lilo herself was standing in front of the carousel holding a lei. Stitch was making mischief with ribbon and scissors!

Beach Club - Gingerbread Carousel (Lilo)
Beach Club - Gingerbread Carousel - Stitch
Beach Club - Gingerbread Carousel

There were four horses on the carousel, and another one standing by Lilo. You had to have an eagle eye to spot all the Hidden Mickeys! We found a few of them, but not all…

Beach Club - Gingerbread Carousel

And of course, there are the Christmas decorations, including the main Christmas tree. The decorations, as you would imagine, have got a beach theme, with ornaments shaped like starfish, seahorses, fish, and seashells. And the regular round ornaments were in shades of green, gold, turquoise, and coral. I really loved the decorations at Beach Club.


We then ventured outside so that we could walk to Disney’s Yacht Club. More decorations could be found outside, including an awesome wreath that had ice-cream cones on it – conveniently located right by Beaches & Cream Soda Shop.

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