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Blizzard Beach, ‘Ohana (Character Breakfast); Warming Hut (Lunch); Spirit of Aloha (Dinner Show)

Dine Around Disney 2014 Trip Report Index! (And here is the Pre-Trip Report!)
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August 20th, 2014

Today was somewhat of a rest day with breakfast at ‘Ohana – Disney’s Polynesian Resort, (now called Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort) some time at Blizzard Beach, which is the Disney Water Park we didn’t have a chance to visit on our previous trip in 2013 and finally, entertainment at the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show, back at Poly.

We drove towards Magic Kingdom – you pass through the toll gate there and head to the right towards the Polynesian Resort, so stay in the right hand lane to go through those booths. Just let them know you have a reservation at one of the hotels and they let you through. We have in the past not paid attention when they told us where to go, and we ended up having to drive all the way back around – it took a while, so be fair warned!

There was a LOT of construction going on around Walt Disney World during our 2014 trip, so it wasn’t very nice to see so many hoardings everywhere. I’m glad this was our 3rd visit to the World, as I’m sure it would have made me feel sad if it had been our first! Although – always an excuse to go back, amirite?!

Disney Polynesian Resort

The one thing I knew I was going to miss was the beautiful waterfall feature in the lobby of the Polynesian Resort. I’m so glad we got to see it in 2013 though. When we walked into the lobby, walls had been put up everywhere, which made the entrance and the hotel feel very cramped. I think they’re all down now, so nothing to worry about, but I will say they made me feel claustrophobic! I’m looking forward to seeing what the resort looks like when we go back in October 2015!

We went upstairs to check in for our reservation at ‘Ohana and actually had to wait quite a while (25 minutes) as it was very busy. Our buzzer soon went off and we were lead through to our table. We have eaten dinner here before for dinner, and were all looking forward to having breakfast with Lilo and Stitch, who are two of the characters here along with Mickey Mouse and Pluto.

When it comes to a buffet/family style restaurant on the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan, you are entitled to one full buffet and one non-alcoholic beverage (usually refillable) for one credit per person.

Breakfast at ‘Ohana is officially called ‘Best Friends Breakfast Featuring Lilo & Stitch’ and is an American breakfast influenced by Polynesian flavours. Food at ‘Ohana is served “family style” in that it is brought to the table in platters for you all to share – but you can always ask for more if you so wish.

We were started with some juice (pineapple, orange and guava blend) and some sweet breads. Our server explained that if we wanted more food, we could always just ask, but there was no need as there was plenty to eat! Although, I may have asked for some more fruit as the platter of that to share was quite small!

Sweet Breads at'Ohana Character Breakfast

Fruit Platter at'Ohana Character Breakfast

A large breakfast platter was brought out with Hua Paka (scrambled eggs), Uala Kahiki (fried potatoes with onions), Pua’a (pork – breakfast sausage links and smoked bacon) as well as biscuits (think of them as savoury scones) and of course, no breakfast at Walt Disney World is complete without Mickey waffles! They serve them directly to you from a basket.

Breakfast Platter at'Ohana Character Breakfast

The food was fine – nothing out of the ordinary, and our server was over stretched with his section – it was often hard to grab his attention for things like more juice or coffee.

During breakfast, all of the characters walked around, table to table, and I am sure there was some sort of parade as well, but my memory is hazy! The character interaction was fun – even though we were 2 adults and a 15 year old, so don’t be put off thinking it’s just for kids! Breakfast took about an hour (plus the 25 minutes or so waiting time) if you are wondering about timings.

Lilo & Stitch at'Ohana Character Breakfast

Mickey Mouse at'Ohana Character Breakfast

PlutoPluto at'Ohana Character Breakfast

Stitch at'Ohana Character Breakfast

There was a Disney PhotoPass Photographer walking around to take pictures for you, and he also offered to take photos on our own camera as well (which is great if you haven’t bought/don’t want to buy the Memory Maker). I naturally had to do selfies with the characters, as it was my ‘thing’ this trip!

Breakfast at Ohana with Mickey Mouse Lilo Stitch Pluto

Best Friends Breakfast Featuring Lilo & Stitch at ‘Ohana

Bill Total: $79.85 (3 Credits) {Tip: $13.49}

DxDDP Running Totals: Bill: $1706.01 | Credits: 48/126 | Tips: $291.94

After paying our bill, we went down to the resort shop – BouTiki to have a wander around, walk off breakfast and buy a few things. I wanted (again) to buy one of these coconut postcards, but you can’t send them overseas, and when I said I would just buy one anyway to take home (I’m a souvenir sucker!) the server warned that they can be confiscated at customs; so I didn’t buy one.

Disney Polynesian Resort - Postcard Coconuts

Whilst my thing is taking selfies with characters, hub’s thing is to pose with and try to look like statues…!

Disney Polynesian Resort

I really love the style of Poly, would love to stay here one day… We bought a few Halloween items, and my tiki glasses that I wanted to buy last trip, but forgot!

We then drove back to our resort – Old Key West – to sort ourselves out to go to Blizzard Beach.

Disney Polynesian Resort

…Continued in Part 2…

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