Day 7: Disney Resort Christmas Tree Trail Part 2 / H&H@TP 2017

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The three All-Star Resorts are located next to one another – Sports is first, then Music, and finally Movies. I think you can actually walk through to all of them, but we drove and parked. And a good thing to, as during our wander around Disney’s All-Star Music, my ECV just stopped working! Fortunately, we were near to a parking lot, so Steve went back to drive the car around (the parking lots are huge) and I managed to somehow get the scooter and myself to the parking lot to meet him.

But before all that drama, let’s take a look at the Christmas decorations, and the theming around All-Star Music!

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Since this is a music-themed resort, the Christmas Tree and decorations had ornaments that were musical notes and instruments. Of all the All-Star Resorts, this was definitely my favourite set of decorations. As well as the music motif, the other decor was red and gold – classic Christmas!

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort Christmas Tree
close up of All-Star Music Resort Christmas tree

I’ll apologise again for some really bad blurry photos. I don’t know what was wrong with me on this trip, but I just was missing the focus a LOT with my camera, and looking back it is still so frustrating!

All-Star Music also had big themed wreaths with musical instruments on them – guitars, saxophone, clarinets(?), as well as a ribbon of piano keys.

The resort store – Maestro Mickey’s – had blue Christmas trees with musical notes, piano keys, and vinyl records of Christmas songs.

With the decorations out of the way, let’s get into the resort tour (ish!). Much like Sports, Music is also set out into five themed areas: Calypso; Jazz Inn; Broadway Hotel; Country Fair; and Rock Inn.


This is the first zone as you step out of Melody Hall (where you check-in, and where the shops and food court is). Massive maracas are standing up against the buildings, which surround the imaginatively named Calypso Pool.

The pool has statues of The Three Caballeros, and in case you didn’t know, these three are Donald Duck, José “Zé” Carioca (a green, Brazilian parrot, and friend of Donald), and Panchito Pistoles (a red, Mexican rooster, also DD’s friend). They all star in a Disney Animated Classic – The Three Caballeros – which is one of my very favourite Disney movies.

Giant maracas
The Three Caballeros Statues at Disney's All-Star Music Resort
The Three Caballeros Statues at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

At one end of the building was a big ol’ bongo, and colourful tubes (pan pipes?) hung across the building entrance. Of all the All-Stars Resorts, Music definitely had my favourite theming too!

Jazz Inn area at Disney's All-Star Music
Jazz Inn area at Disney’s All-Star Music

Jazz Inn

Next along, is the jazz-themed area, with a huge mural of a guy playing a sax, as well as monumental instruments on, and around the buildings: saxophone, trumpet, and a drum kit. The along the top of the buildings were silhouettes of jazz band members, and there were musical notes along the balcony railings.

Giant drum kit at All-Star Music
Rock Inn, Disney's All-Star Music Resort
Rock Inn, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Rock Inn

Rock ‘n’ Roll is the theme of this part of All-Star Music, and a gorgeous 50s vibe, which is my favourite era (that I didn’t live through, the other is the 80s, but I was a kid of that decade!).

A gargantuan jukebox marked the building entrance, which was coloured pink, and purple, with black and white checkerboard along the top. Again, the railings had music notes, as well as vinyl records. If I stayed at this resort, this is the area for me without a doubt!

There were ginormous electric guitars propped against the buildings too, along with a 1950s style microphone with WDW on the top of it.

Classic Chevrolet

Parked outside was a black Chevrolet with the classic 50s shape. Hubby especially loved this, as he arrived at our wedding in an American classic car – a Cadillac.

Country Fair

It’s a little bit country in this part of Music Resort! Towering cowboy boots were at the building entrance, along with a whopping great big banjo, and violin. To go along with the theming of this area there was some desert landscaping with cacti.

Giant cowboy boots
A grey squirrel
A Country Critter!
Disney’s All-Star Music Resort – Country Fair

It was around this point that my ECV started to slow right down and start cutting out – even though it had a mostly full battery. It was a bit of a panic as I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it all the way back to the front of the resort (we were literally at the furthest point away). As we moved along I noticed that between the buildings was a path to a parking lot. So we tried to get as close as possible, and Steve walked back to the car and drove it round to where I was. Luckily, I managed to somehow get it right to the curb of the parking lot, and we loaded it up into the van.

Broadway Hotel

We had to skip on Disney’s All-Star Movies for today, and headed back home to Poly. But not before I got a quick couple of pictures of the final area of All-Star Music – Broadway Hotel, which had a musical theatre theme. Grand old top hats and canes adorned the buildings, and Stage Door marked the ends of them. I’ve not got any more detail than that I’m sorry to say.

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