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We’ve reached the final part of this day of my Halloween in the Wilderness 2015 Trip Report, breaking them up and posting in multiple parts is making life a lot easier for me, allowing me to edit photos and decide which of the thousands that I took on this trip to use! If you ever wonder why they take so long, that is mostly the reason, as well as gathering all of my thoughts to put into print as it were.

After our dinner at Le Cellier, we found a spot to watch the evening’s entertainment – IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. A stunning firework, laser, and water show, all set to music, that tells a story of earth – from Earth’s creation, through the triumph of life, to the hope for the future. I absolutely love IllumiNations, can’t fail to be impressed by this night time show.

IllumiNations takes place on World Showcase Lagoon, with the centrepiece being the huge metal globe that drifts across the water. You can view the show from all around the lagoon – and people take up a spot an hour or so before the show begins (usually 9pm, every night). Since there are fireworks, you don’t have to be right at the front, but it does help to see all of the action taking place on the water.

Just before the show begins, the lights start to get dim, until it is almost pitch black, with just the torches aflame. Then you hear the flames being blown out and IllumiNations begins! Most of this post from now on will be photos and video… enjoy!

With the show over, we started the walk back to the entrance, and to the bus stops to catch a bus back to our resort. Along the way I took some photos of Spaceship Earth, all lit up, which is my favourite way to see it.

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