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Day 30 of WDW-40, the latest of my Disney Trip Reports, is here! And the writing of it has come to an end; some 2 year and 4 days later! Ordinarily I would just lump in the travel home day with the final day of my trip report. However, I wanted this report to have a round number, so Day 30 it is!

If you haven’t read my pre-trip planning report yet, why not have a quick read now to bring you up to speed about who we are, and why this trip report is called WDW-40! You might also want to start reading from the beginning of the report!

Day 30: Back To Reality / WDW-40,2016

Not much in the way of words or pictures for today’s report, but it has its place in WDW-40, 2016’s story!

I left you in yesterday’s report with us boarding the plane and settling in for the flight home with British Airways. I had phoned my son, Liam, back at home to let him know we were boarding, and that we would see him soon. I was in tears, and so was he (sshh, don’t tell anyone!) as we had missed each other so much! It’s the longest I have ever been away from him, his whole life!

We more often than not sit at the very back of the cabin, for a few reasons – so that we can be one of the first onboard to get our cabin bags in the overhead bins; so that I don’t have to worry about squeezing down the aisle and brushing people with my backside(!); so that we are near to the loos and galley where there is space to walk about and stretch our legs.

It does mean we’re the last off the plane, but we are fine with that. It also means that turbulence is felt more at the tail end too. The flight home to the UK can be quite a bumpy one – at least in our experience – but if memory serves me correctly, this flight was smooth flying.


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