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Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company®

For our snack, we got the new (at the time) mini donuts from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company® at The Landing at Disney Springs.

Joffrey’s coffee is so good, and it’s “The official specialty coffee of Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disney Vacation Club.”

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company Sign
Latte Art at Joffrey’s

You can buy packages of their coffee blends to bring home and enjoy the taste of Disney coffee at home (which is what we do!).

There are different coffee blends for different resorts and restaurants, so you can always purchase your favorites, and in 2019 there was Mickey’s 90th Anniversary blend available!

But we were in the store for mini donuts…

Joffrey’s Coffee Blends from Tusker House, Hollywood Brown Derby, Flying Fish, & The Wave
Joffrey’s Coffee Blends from California Grill, Boma: Flavors of Africa, Jiko, Sanaa, Trattoria al Forno, and Citricos
Joffrey’s Candy Cane Lane – Sweet White Chocolate and Cool Peppermint Mix
Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Blend (Joffrey’s)
Joffrey’s Hot Tea Selection
Mini Donuts Display Case (4 for $4.99)
Selection of 4 Mini Donuts from Joffrey’s
Selection of 4 Mini Donuts from Joffrey’s

Joffrey’s Mini Donuts

There are 12 different donuts to choose from, and you can mix and match them to buy 4 for $4.99.

Here is the description (in italics) from Joffrey’s website for each of the ones we tried (if available on there, as the donuts are subject to change!)

  • SnowflakeA smooth frosty finish with vanilla Icing, vanilla buttercream, and a blue sugar topping.
  • UnicornA delicious combo of vanilla icing, vanilla buttercream, rainbow sprinkles, and Airheads ‘Xtremes’.
  • Snowman – Topped with vanilla icing with blue sugar hat, M&M’s eyes, and candy nose.
  • Boston Cream – Topped with chocolate icing and Bavarian cream.
  • Fruity FunThe Fruity Pebble mini donut provides a colorful crunch with vanilla icing, strawberry icing, and fruity pebbles cereal.
  • CrunchFeatures vanilla icing, Captain Crunch Cereal, and a sweet mallo crème.
  • Snickers – Topped with chocolate, chopped nuts, and caramel sauce.
  • Espresso – Topped with chocolate-covered coffee beans.
Joffrey’s Mini Snowflake Donut (Vanilla Flavor)
Joffrey’s Mini Unicorn Donut (I guess I ate the horn before taking a photo!)
Joffrey’s Mini Snowflake Donut (Vanilla Flavor)
Joffrey’s Mini Boston Cream Donut
Joffrey’s Mini Fruity Pebbles Donut
Joffrey’s Mini Captain Crunch Donut
Joffrey’s Mini Snickers Donut
Joffrey’s Mini Espresso Donut

I cannot remember how good (or bad!) the donuts were, I imagine they were good, they sure do look it!

Our time at Disney Springs came to an end with these donuts, so we headed back to the car and drove home to Disney’s BoardWalk Villas.

I’ll close out this section with a few more photos from Disney Springs.

T-Rex Café at Disney Springs
LEGO Cinderella Model
LEGO Buzz & Woody Models

Back at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas, we packed our purchases into our suitcases and then got ready to go out for dinner on the BoardWalk.

We loved our stay at the BoardWalk (even if some of the decor choices are questionable, and I’ve popped two of them down below!) and would definitely stay here again given the opportunity.

We loved being able to stroll along the BoardWalk which was always lovely, and being able to walk to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios was a big plus!

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas Entrance
Creepy Chair at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
Creepy Clown Slide at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas (Although this has now been replaced with a less scary design now!)
Trattoria al Forno Menu

Trattoria al Forno » Disney’s BoardWalk

For our dinner, we decided on Trattoria al Forno – mainly because I really fancied some pasta!

We have not dined here before, however, back on one of our first visits to Walt Disney World, it used to be a Greek restaurant called Kouzzina by Cat Cora, and we enjoyed a great meal there.

Of course, I’m aware that they are two different cuisines, but I do wish they hadn’t replaced Kouzzina (in 2014), because, for me, it was a much better restaurant.

Anyway, back to our meal at Trattoria al Forno, where we elected to sit outside on the BoardWalk, rather than inside the actual restaurant building.

We started our meal with the complimentary bread service, which came with a shallow dish with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and olive tapenade to dip the bread into.

Bread Service at Trattoria al Forno


Us: Insalata Caprese – Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Basil, Giusti Balsamic Vinegar ($12)

Us: Salumi Italiani – Assorted Charcuterie and Accoutrements (Serves Two) ($21)

There were many great options for starters, but we decided to share the charcuterie (we’ll often pick that if it’s an option on any menu!) as well as the Caprese Salad, both of which we enjoyed, and the meal got off to a great start!

Insalata Caprese – Trattoria al Forno

The Insalata Caprese is a classic Italian dish, that is very simple but very delicious.

At Trattoria al Forno the plate had a variety of sliced tomatoes in various colors and sizes were scattered over, with a ball of creamy mozzarella sitting on top, and garnished with a drizzle of balsamic and torn basil leaves. It looked so good.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any notes on what was on the charcuterie board, so I’m going to have to make a few guesses by what I can see!

Often you are given a card with the charcuterie details, or the server will explain it all to you. Our server was not the most attentive, and sadly, it did put a dampener on our final night’s meal.

Back to the board which seems to have bruschetta, pickled cucumber, olives, salami, prosciutto, and what looks like maybe roast pork? With some mustard on the side.

Salumi Italiani – Trattoria al Forno


Me: Pasta alla Carbonara – Guanciale, fresh Pasta, local organic Eggs, Pecorino Romano ($24)

Steve: Lasagna al Forno – Braised Beef, house-made Pancetta, Herb Ricotta, Sunday Gravy ($27)

Sadly, for me, the main course was not as tasty as the appetizers.

I ordered the carbonara, as it’s one of my favorites, but this didn’t taste so good to me. Steve offered to swap with his lasagna, but that too wasn’t as good as I was expecting.

I don’t know if my taste buds were having a day off, but it was disappointing to not have GOOD pasta when I had a real craving for it!

Pasta alla Carbonara – Trattoria al Forno
Lasagna al Forno – Trattoria al Forno


Me: Captain’s Mai Tai – Captain Morgan, Amaretto Liqueur, and Tropical Juices topped with a float of Myer’s Dark Rum($11.50)

My cocktail choice made up for the not-so-nice entrée choice. I love a rum cocktail, and the Captain’s Mai Tai really hit the spot!

Captain’s Mai Tai – Trattoria al Forno

Trattoria al Forno »
Disney’s BoardWalk

Bill: $102.50 + Tax: $6.67 + Tip: $19.83 = $129

Total Paid: $129

We decided to forgo dessert at Trattoria al Forno and instead went over to Screen Door General Store, further up the BoardWalk.

The store, as the name suggests, sells different things you might need or want during your stay at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas, including a variety of groceries, drinks, Disney snacks, clothing, and merchandise.

We bought a couple of Mickey Sandwich Bars, and here are a few photos of some Disney snacks to close out today’s report!

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich (from another day!)
Gingerbread Mickey Cookies
Giant Mickey Ears Cookie
Disney Cupcakes

And that’s it for day 14 of Four Resorts, Two Festivals 2019! Tomorrow we go home… it’s always a sad day, but we know we’ll be back again soon (this was pre-pandemic thoughts!), and we have time to fit in a quick visit to Magic Kingdom before heading to the airport.

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