Day 1: Happy Birthday To Me! Our First Disney Cruise 2021! UK Staycation

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Very full from dinner (I was so glad the starter was small in the end!) we said goodnight to our service team and went back round to the front to take some photos by the Helmsman Mickey statue. The ship was pretty empty by this time, which was so nice and peaceful.

We then decided to head back to the gift shop. I wanted to see for myself how bare it was. And I was pretty shocked, as one can be for empty shelves at a Disney merch shop! It really had been picked bare.

However, I had some birthday money to spend and I found some Pirates of the Caribbean pins to add to my collection so I bought those.


We were greeted with a penguin towel animal and some Dove chocolates.

And we also made our room service breakfast requests and left the card hanging on the doorknob. It is continental breakfast only – cereal, fruit, bread, pastries, juices, and hot drinks.

A few tips for filling out the card:

  • In the condiments section put as many as you would like to use – putting 1 will literally give you one pat of butter or 1 pat of cream cheese for example, not “enough for 1 person”, if that makes sense? I would expect 2 per person, but we learned the “hard way” I guess!
  • Depending on how much milk you have on your cereal and/or coffee or tea, you may only need 1 carton of milk. We found we had a lot of milk cartons left after a few days!
  • Remember to select a timeslot, and don’t forget to fill out the details on the front side of the card!
  • Make sure to hang the card out before 3am (we did ours as soon as we came back from dinner).

Room service is included, but gratuities (tips) are not, so make sure you have some cash to tip the crew member who brings your breakfast to you. This service is not available on debarkation day.

You may recall the protestors on the M25, well this had a serious knock-on effect for a lot of passengers. I had heard some hadn’t been able to board till nearly 8pm!

This meant the ship didn’t start to sail away until about 10pm – later than usual because of delays.

Captain Fabian had said it would take about 4 hours to navigate out of the River Thames where the pilot boats would leave us as we sailed into the North Sea. He anticipated it to rock us all soundly to sleep, which I thought was just lovely!

We finished the night with a bit of last-minute internet usage before we left the dock, before heading off to bed.

And that’s it for day 1 of Our First Disney Cruise 2021! Tomorrow we are at sea all day – a fun day starting with Brunch at Palo!

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