Creating More Space With A Conservatory

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My house and I are not friends – mainly because I need space in which to entertain friends and family during the festive season which has just finished, then into the new year and beyond…it’s one thing that our house is seriously lacking!

If you are a regular reader of The Purple Pumpkin Blog, I’ve spoken now and then about our plans to renovate our house. So far we’ve procrastinated, and not always had enough money to do all the things we have planned; but we are taking steps in 2015 to bring more space to our house.

Creating More Space With A Conservatory

One way we’ve discussed several times to create more space at home is with a conservatory, and we have local family firm that we can look to for advice and ideas of how to incorporate a convservatory into our plans for house expansion.

We have a decent sized garden which could take having a conservatory, and at I believe around 5m in length and being able to go out around 4m, it would give a wonderful space that I could use for entertaining.

My dream home has always been one with a large kitchen with a gorgeous space to entertain in. The problem with me, is that I often dream a little bit too big! I’ve taken a look at the 4 Seasons Construction website and picked out conservatories that I think look fab, but realistically I reckon our house/garden is a bit small to accommodate 3 of 4 of them!

We have room in our current kitchen for a dining table for the three of us, but if I want to get all the family together it has to be a buffet affair because I just don’t have anywhere to put everyone! With a conservatory, it would giving me that dining room space. I know that people complain about conservatories being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, but with modern glazing and design, this is not something to have to worry about.

The conservatory would essentially become our dining room, and it would give me an extra room to decorate at Christmas and Halloween, when I do a lot of home entertaining! And of course, for other times of the year too, like birthdays and family get togethers. I also love that a conservatory, with its glass roof and walls lets in lots of lovely light (we so desperately need that in this house!) which would be perfect for when I photograph projects and food for my blog!

But the bottom line is, we would be creating more space with a conservatory and that, for my house and mine’s friendship, can only be a good thing!

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