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Create A Year-Round Room With A Conservatory

Ahh, the British summer – sun, rain, heatwaves, cloudy days, blue skies, thunderstorms… we seem to have it all don’t we?! We were recently basking in a heatwave with temperatures soaring into the 30s, now it’s cooling off with rain forecast. We just never know what the weather is going to bring!

With the glorious weather recently, I planned a big family BBQ with my parents and siblings, and when I woke up on Sunday morning and saw the dark clouds overhead, my heart sunk. Panic mode set in – what if it rains? Where will everyone sit?! You see, our living room is fairly snug when we all get together, and having everyone out in the garden in the summer means not feeling like sardines in a tin! My husband dashed into the shed to grab the pop-up gazebo and had it set up just before the rain started to fall – phew! At the very least we could still cook outside, but if it was still pouring with rain, we’d have to sit indoors – not the summer soiree I was planning. Fortunately, the sun did come out, and we were all able to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine – huzzah! But what about next time?

One solution which we have explored several times, is a conservatory. But, being a structure made of glass, I have nightmares of it being too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter – more panic for me to have! But, Dolphin Windows who are conservatory installers Chingford tell me that modern conservatories can be year round rooms. How? Well, it’s thanks to developments in glazing technology and their use of solar reflective glass for conservatory roofs and windows, which you can also have the option to upgrade from the standard double glazing, to triple glazing. The reflective glass allows the heat from the sun to bounce back out, but allowing the gorgeous sunlight to flood the conservatory. Then in the winter (because, a conservatory can be a year round room), any heat inside from radiators or underfloor heating, is reflected back into the room, keep it cosy and warm.

We desperately need more entertaining space, and a conservatory is a less expensive option than a full on extension. Now that I know that a conservatory can be made use of all the year round, I think it may be time for us to re-explore the option, so I don’t have any more panic moments when it comes to entertaining at home!

Disclosure: Collaborative post in association with Dolphin Windows.

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