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I LOVE shopping and I love buying things for the people that I love – but I do not love shopping around Christmas! I dislike the crowds, the queues, the car parking rage, the pandemonium, the stress…

Many years ago I started doing all of my Christmas shopping online, and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. You can find unusual and unique gifts, shop your favourite high street stores, search for the best deals and get cashback, and, most importantly, do it all from the comfort of your home, in the warm, without the craziness, and at any time of day or night you want! For me, that is a huge win!

I’m putting together some Christmas gift guides this year, as it lets me window shop (which I love doing!), it gives me gift inspiration and ideas for the people in my life, and I get to share some of my favourite things with you! I’ve worked with several companies over the course of the year, and some of them will be featuring in my Christmas gift guides, as well as other companies that I have purchased from in the past. I hope that they in turn give you some ideas for Christmas gifts!

Christmas Gift Guide for Teen Boys

I have an teenage son (nearly 16) and he is hard to buy for! I know at the top of his wish list is an Xbox One (he already has a 360, I have no idea what the differences are, a sure sign I’m getting old!!) along with some football gear. I have hunted high and low to compile this Christmas gift guide for teens – the boy edition! I hope you find some ideas and inspiration for the teenage son/grandson/nephew/brother in your life!

  1. Xbox One Console – or any games console! It keeps my son occupied!
  2. Football Boots – or any sporting gear!
  3. Razor – for the bumfluff your teen starts getting!
  4. Jeans – mine lives in his!
  5. Aftershave Gift Set – because teenage boys need to smell nice!
  6. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – full of weird facts!
  7. Zombie Survival Manual – because The Walking Dead and Zombie games!
  8. Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2015 – for the gamer kids!
  9. Jacket – to keep them warm, because they’re still your little boy!
  10. Converse – or any type of cool footwear!
  11. Rockface – to use with the razor above!
  12. Chocolate Selection Box – they might be teens, but they still want chocolate at Christmas!
  13. NOW That’s What I Call Music! 89 – do kids listen to CDs any more?! (feeling old!)blank
  14. Socks – to replace the ones they lost through the year!
  15. Lounge Pants – pyjamas are too childish!
  16. Scalextric – the toy that’s not really a toy, but is a toy!
  17. Pants – see socks!
  18. Headphones – to listen to music from their phones, ipods and other gadgetry!
  19. Toblerone – grown-up chocolate!
  20. One4All Gift Card – so they can buy their own stuff!

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