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Okay, so, a little while ago, Hobbycraft sent me a couple of their Christmas craft packs for me to make at home and share with you on my blog. However, in between getting some house maintenance done and a lot of decluttering, they have gone AWOL. We have searched high and low, and they are nowhere to be found :( I’m hoping that they will turn up when we go hunting for them again this evening, but I didn’t want to keep putting this post off.

I have always been a crafty chick – I don’t partake as much as I used to, for a few reasons – lack of space to craft, a lot of my craft stash being in boxes from our move, and lack of space. I know I gave that reason twice, but seriously, at the moment we have no room to move. I long dream of a dedicated crafty-creative space that I could take an hour or so out of my day to do some of the things I love to do, but at the moment, it’s a full scale military operation if I want to do anything remotely craft related.

Rambling again, back to this post… I’ve gone over to the Hobbycraft website and selected tons of products that I would buy to keep me crafting all Christmas long! I’m also going to share some of my past crafts that I’ve created using things I’ve bought in the past from Hobbycraft.

Christmas Craft Supplies From Hobbycraft

  1. Christmas Penguin Felting Decoration Kit – this is so cute! I love that Hobbycraft have got kits with all the Christmas craft supplies that you need. This is especially good if you don’t craft that often, it means you don’t buy lots of something, only to never use it again.
  2. Crayola Washable Kids Paints – they’re washable, that’s important for when you let the kids loose with paint!
  3. Mache Large Christmas Tree 50cm – I bought and decorated one of these a few years ago.

Mache Christmas Tree decorated with Decopatch

  1. Wooden Advent Calendar House Undecorated – this is the sort of thing I meant to craft year upon year when my son was growing up. I never did get around to it!
  2. Christmas Bumper Craft Tub – lots of lovely Christmas craft supplies in one tub.
  3. Christmas Polystyrene Shapes – these shapes are great for decorating in lots of different ways – with glitter, sequins, paints, paper. I’ve use polystyrene shapes in the past, not for Christmas but for Halloween. I made this witches hat last year using a cone, a ring, sequins and glitter pipe cleaners.

Witches Hat Craft with Sequins

  1. Jingle Bells – they’re the sound of Christmas! I had a lot of fun using them to make my Jingle Bell Shadow Box a few years ago.

Jingle Bells Shadow Box

  1. Hobbycraft Hot Melt Mini Glue Gun – hot glue is fab. I love using the stuff as it has a really strong hold. Make sure you supervise children if they are using hot glue.
  2. Glitter Shaker – Christmas is a time for sparkle and shine, so you need glitter. Lots and lots of glitter!
  3. Pack of Tissue Papers – I use tissue paper a lot to make pompoms for parties. I made these ones in the picture below for our London 2012 Olympics Party

London 2012 Olympic Rings Giant Tissue Paper Pompoms

  1. Hologram Stars Gold – like glitter, you need stars for Christmas craft.
  2. Decopatch Paperpatch Glue Varnish 300g – this is fab stuff to use with Decopatch paper, it both glues the paper down and leaves a nice finish too. I used this on the Christmas tree above.
  3. Multi coloured sequins – see glitter and stars
  4. Multi Purpose Fabric Glue – for gluing felt and other fabrics. Especially good if you can’t be trusted with a needle and thread.
  5. Polystyrene Wreath – It’s been a while since I’ve made a wreath, but here is one I made back in 2012 for the autumn season. It’s still one of my favourite homemade wreaths and comes out every year!

Homemade Autumn Fall Wreath

  1. Dovecraft Mini Alphabet Stamps – I don’t do a lot of rubber stamping, but I have a few different sets of these mini alphabet stamps. They’re great for making gift tags and name places.
  2. Christmas Felt Owl Door Stop Kit – another cute kit which has a use all year round!
  3. Duck Tape Penguin Invasion – a product that is fairly new to me. I made Duck Tape hair bows back during the World Cup, and a Minnie Mouse hair bow to take on holiday!. They’re easier to make that you think!

Minnie Mouse Duck Tape Hair Bow Tutorial

  1. Glitter Glue – if you don’t want to get glitter absolutely everywhere, glitter glue is a good inbetween craft supply!
  2. Christmas Finger Puppet Kit – keep the kids occupied making these, and then occupied again by telling stories using the finger puppets!
  3. Christmas Noel Mache Letters – I actually bought these letters last year to craft with, but ran out of time. They’re on my list for this year! In the mean time, here are the letter’s I decorated for London 2012.

Decopatch London 2012 Letters

  1. Round Glass Jar 12 Pack Clear – great if you make jam, marmalade, chutneys, pickles or any other yummy homemade gift! You could try my Snowman Soup!

Snowman Soup Printables

  1. Glue Stick – for sticking with!
  2. First Edition Nordic Robin Deco Mache Papers – for using on the mache shapes. I love this stuff!
  3. Mixed Buttons Green – I love buttons. I’ve got lots of different coloured packs from Hobbycraft. One way I used them was Halloween last year when I made a pumpkin button picture using them. I also made some button Christmas tree ornaments that Christmas too.

Button Pumpkin Picture Shadow Box

Button Christmas Tree Ornaments

  1. Christmas Glitter Foam Stickers – no gluing involved!
  2. Natural Rattan Wreath – I’ve made a few wreaths using these – they’re fun to make, and I just go nuts using things like faux flowers, pinecones and other natural craft supplies.

Natural Rattan Christmas Wreath

  1. FloraBase Natural Raffia – great for padding out gift baskets and for using in natural wreaths instead of ribbon.
  2. Foam Sheets Festive 50Pk – lots of uses including cutting into small pieces and making mosaics with. Cutting into different shapes and layering to make a picture.
  3. Christmas Cracker Snaps 12Pk – to add to your homemade Christmas crackers.
  4. Nutscene 3 Ply Jute Twine – for a rustic twist on gift baskets and other projects.
  5. Christmas Pom Pom Reindeer Kit – a cute kit to make reindeer decorations.
  6. Christmas Glitter Value Pack 130 Piece – lots of lovely glittery Christmas craft supplies in one handy pack. I used the glitter pipe cleaners last year to decorate a polystyrene cone and made a tinsel Christmas tree cone!

Tinsel Christmas Tree Cone

  1. Christmas Value Felt Stocking – another craft I always meant to do >_< you can decorate with felt, sequins, glitter glue and more!
  2. Felt Value 15 Sheet Pack – I have a huge stash of felt at home. It’s great for making so many things. You can both sew pieces together, or glue them.
  3. Christmas Gingerbread Icon Motifs – cute as an embellishment on Christmas cards.
  4. Christmas Tissue Art Snowman Picture Kit – and if you can’t get the kit, draw an outline of a snowman, crumple up tissues and use them to stick instead!
  5. Paint Your Own Ceramic Ornament Snowman – let the kids go nuts with the paints!
  6. Rectangular Wicker Basket – I do love to create gift hampers. I’m almost sad that we only do a Secret Santa these days in the family – I don’t make them so much any more :(
  7. Pack of 6 Cracker Cores Brown – if you forgot to save the inner tubes of loo roll, don’t panic; you can buy them from Hobbycraft! I made our Christmas crackers a couple of years ago.

Handmade Christmas Crackers

  1. Christmas Cracker Gifts – to put in your handmade Christmas crackers!
  2. Brown Paper Roll – I used this to make our crackers, but it’s also great for wrapping gifts and giving them that rustic look!
  3. Eurowrap Shredded Tissue Paper – for padding out gift baskets and boxes.
  4. Santoro Mirabelle Twine Spools – I love this stuff, so pretty to tie up gift boxes, or bundling cookies together!

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

  1. Christmas 6 Pack Red/White Ribbons – for using in crafts, decorating gift baskets or tying up presents.
  2. Christmas Collection Paper Pack 12 x 12″ 30 Sheets – I love using papers as backgrounds for some of my photography on my blog. But also great for scrapbooking, making cards and other paper crafts.
  3. Rainbow Colours Ink Pad – lots of colours in one ink pad to use with aforementioned stamps
  4. Christmas Penguin Suncatcher – a lovely fun craft that I used to do with my son when he was a tiddler!

Wow – that was a fun post to write and a chance for me to look back on some of my Christmas craft (and other seasonal stuff) from over the years. I hope you get lots of lovely ideas and inspiration! I’ve provided a link for each item that I used in this post so you can buy them easily if you wish. You can also check out the collage of Christmas Craft Supplies on my Polyvore.

Are you planning on crafting this Christmas? Let me know in the comments section below this post! Or if you’re a blogger, why not share your Christmas craft posts in the Create Christmas 2014 Linky I’m currently running?



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