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Welcome to my Christmas at Disneyland Paris 2015 Trip Report!

This is the index from which you’ll find the reports for our Christmas trip. 

Rather than break this report up into days, as I do with my Florida Trip Reports, it will be one long report, which I will break down into parts.

This report may be more photographs, than words, but I will give my thoughts and tips along the way!

Christmas at Disneyland Paris - Trip Report, full of useful info and great photos!

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Christmas at Disneyland Paris

We went to Disneyland Paris with zero plans – we didn’t book any meals and just went with the flow!

It felt so strange to not plan anything at all – compared with our trips to Walt Disney World, which I plan for months in advance!

We went for 3 nights/4 days, with my sister, brother-in-law, and 3-year-old niece.

We had a wonderful time, and it was a lovely way to spend the festive period!

You will find the Trip Report Index at the end of this post!

Us at Disneyland Paris
My Husband and Me at Disneyland Paris, Christmas Night 2015

The Cast – Who We Are!

Me – Michelle, 39 years old. So generally, I’m the planner of Disney holidays – but other than booking the hotel and travel, I did zero planning! 

I’m also the photographer and trip report writer.

I’m a plus-size chick and write about certain things from my perspective, so you’ll find plus-size rider guides for the rides I went on.

I’m currently a size 30/32, so for your plus-size worries when visiting Disneyland’s theme parks, I’m your gal!

This was my second visit to Disneyland Paris.

My husband – Steve, is 43 years old. Much like our holidays to Walt Disney World, he was the videographer, pack horse, chief keeper of documents, and money manager in France.

He kept a track of every euro that we spent!

This was his second visit to Disneyland Paris.

My son – Liam, is 16 years old. And Steve’s stepson. He was given the option to come to Disneyland Paris or stay in the UK with his Dad for Christmas. He chose Disneyland!

He was great with his little cousin, and thanks to a lack of wi-fi in the parks, and the hotel, didn’t spend so much time looking down at his phone!

This was his first visit to Disneyland Paris.

My sister – Jo, is 31 years old. Stayed at a different hotel with her family to us, but, much like me, wanted to get away for the Christmas period.

She wasn’t very well during our trip, but was a complete trooper!

This was her second visit to Disneyland Paris.

My brother-in-law – Phil, is 33 years old. And of course, my sister’s husband.

He’s so chilled out, he’s almost horizontal!

This was his second visit to Disneyland Paris.

My niece – Sephy, is 3 years old. And of course, Jo & Phil’s daughter. She’s a cutie pie and such a chatterbox! 

She was as good as gold throughout our days at the parks – not crying or moaning when having to stand in line.

It was magical to see Disney through this little one’s eyes.

My next mission is to get her to Walt Disney World!

This was her first visit to Disneyland Paris.

Project 365 2015 - Day 358

If you’ve read my previous Disney trip reports…

…you’ll know that my reports are photo heavy!

You’ll find all of my photos from this trip in my Flickr Album here.

The camera I used is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200blank.
I also took photos on my iPhone6 – all of those are on my Instagram: @MsPurplePumpkin.
Videos were taken on our Panasonic V720blank. I’ll be uploading videos to my YouTube channel.
Any photo editing was done with Paint Shop Pro X3, Photoshop CS5, or the Camera+ iPhone app.

Christmas at Disneyland Paris Trip Report Index

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