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Choosing The Perfect Dining Room Round Rugs

Even though it never comes to mind as the first design option, however, round rugs can be successfully incorporated into your home. It doesn’t take rocket science to implement this shape of a rug in your space though some considerations need to be made for it to work well. The factors to consider when making a decision are:

  • Where will the rug go
  • Will there be heavy or moderate traffic
  • What furniture will be present in the room

Only when these questions are answered conclusively can you hope to achieve a cohesive interior design. If you have any doubts, consulting a rugs and carpet retailer could be a great starting point.

These, however, are not the only factors that can make your round rug fit beautifully into your dining room or any desired space. Using round rugs in a dining room helps to frame the table to make the entire room visually appealing in addition to adding colour and comfort. It can be very tricky choosing the perfect rug and since it is a valued investment, it is important to carefully consider the tips below.

Arrange the dining room furniture.
When you arrange everything the way you want it to be then you can easily get the right measurement that will allow for the rug to cover the area under the table and parts of the seats even when they are moved back. Try out several arrangements before you can come up with the best room arrangement.

Allow extra space.
After measuring the dining room table, you can add about 30 inches around. This will give you the perfect size that is not too large or too small for your comfortable use. The rule of thumb is to make the rug big enough so that all the furniture in the room can touch it leaving you with enough space to rest your legs on the rug.

Choosing The Perfect Dining Room Round Rugs

Allow the room to breathe
Covering the entire room with the rug can create a feeling of suffocation. The best way to have a lovely dining room is to have a correct size rug leaving some breathing space between the rug and the wall. Leaving about 18 inches of uncovered floor all around the room gives it a welcoming feel.

Pick the right material and pattern.
At times you are compelled to choose your rug after buying the furniture and curtains. This means the rug have to match an existing setup. But if you consider buying a rug first then you have all the flexibility you need to style your room around the rug. You can pick a material and pattern that you feel will fit your room well and provide the right atmosphere. From this, you can then coordinate the style around it as you wish. A rug is a single item that can set the tone for the entire room hence the required diligence in choosing one.

Go flat.
Pick a rug that is mostly flat or low pile so that your furniture can be moved easily in and out from under the dining table. If you can then get one that is relatively smooth. Other the smooth style, the rug should be easy to clean since it is a high traffic area used regularly. The best type for this area is synthetic machine made round rugs as they allow for ease of movement of chairs more than the natural fibres or hand-stuffed rugs.

Choosing The Perfect Dining Room Round Rugs

Consider round table.
Placing round rugs under round or curvy furniture can create a wonderful harmony in the space. Try this with an oval coffee table to see the beauty of this mix. And if you go for this round table design, have a rug large enough to cover the size of the table and the dining chairs under it when you pull them out.

With a little thought and consideration round rugs can add style and sophistication to your dining room.  The round shape can create an atmosphere of balance and comfort unlike any other shape of carpet.  We naturally associate circle shapes with harmony which will make the space inviting and welcoming. For more ideas and inspiration have a look here.


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