Can Your Garden Help Add Value To Your Property?

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According to House Simple, a tidy and attractive garden can add a whopping 20% onto your house valuation price. So, if your garden could do with a bit of extra TLC but you’ve been putting it off, consider it as an extra £60,000 on top of the average house price in the UK.

It won’t cost you a fortune either to make your garden appealing; property expert Mark Hayward, Managing Director of the National Association of Estate Agents, said that a low maintenance garden is more attractive than one that requires a lot of upkeep. Other things that came at the top of the ‘importance list’ for those looking at a new property included: good privacy, outdoor furniture, lighting and matching your garden to your home.

Can Your Garden Help Add Value To Your Property?


To provide your garden with more privacy you could consider extending your garden fences with some bamboo screening, or planting some trees or hedges. Keeping things natural makes the barriers less obvious and should keep your neighbours happy too.


When it comes to outdoor furniture this simply means giving potential buyers the chance to envision seeing themselves living in the spaces. Sheds come up very high on the list of things people look for but BBQ’s and outdoor furniture offer just as much interest. The beauty of a shed is that you’re essentially offering an extra room to the property.


Shed’s are more popular than ever at the moment and not just for boys and their toys but for a recluse away from the demands of your home. If you opt for a wooden shed, ensure it is in keeping with the rest of your home.



Lighting is important because most people who work full-time will be viewing your property after work. Therefore, especially in the winter, it’s a good idea to place decorative lights throughout to show off the space. The easiest short-term option for outdoor lighting is to use solar powered lights. They’re eco-friendly and offer you freedom as they don’t require wires. Solar panel lights come in just about every style now so you can either hang them from trees or put them deep within your foliage for a subtle glow.


If you want to give the impression that your garden is more spacious than it actually is, consider creating some false perspectives. Alan Titchmarsh suggests in his tips for creating bigger spaces to fix a large mirror at an angle at the end of the garden path. You want it so that it reflects plants as you walk towards it but not your own image, thus creating the illusion that the plants in your garden go on forever.


Finally, injecting some colour into your garden is the perfect way of making it more appealing and adding that little extra value. Established borders are great for those who don’t have green fingers but simply want a garden they can sit back and enjoy upon moving in.



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