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Calcott Hall Farm Shop - Brentwood, Essex

I don’t know about you, but we love a farm shop. There is something exciting and quite delightful about them, and one that is quite local to us – Calcott Hall Farm Shop in Brentwood, Essex is a foodie treasure trove! Calcott Hall is a family run business, and they grow a large number of fruit and vegetables, as well as locally sourced products where possible. The farm is 120 acres (that’s about 70 football pitches!) and was formerly a dairy farm. From humble beginnings in the 70s, selling potatoes and sweetcorn from crates, to a large farm shop, which often stocks vegetables that were picked that morning – you can’t get fresher than that can you?!

We were out for a drive last weekend, and I suggested we stop by the shop as we hadn’t been for a while, and I’m so glad we did! We bought the most amazing smelling strawberries, which I used the next day to make dessert for our family barbecue (look out for that post soon!), you could even try before you buy – nom!

Calcott Hall Farm Shop - Brentwood, Essex

They grow 3o different crops at the farm, but unfortunately they can’t grow everything, so they have over 60 regional suppliers (usually within a 50 mile radius), as well as having to venture further afield – I bought some avocados to make my best ever guacamole – but they always ensure quality and freshness. We also picked up some corn on the cob to grill over the coals. They sell seasonally as well, which I love! I also lovely the inviting layout of the shop, and it’s a pleasure to walk around. The carts which the crates and baskets of produce are sat upon are lovely, and it’s nice to see non-uniform fruits and veggies!

A recent addition is the Brentwood Brewing Company which has moved into one of their barns, just behind the farm shop. We didn’t stop by, but will definitely make a visit back – my husband loves trying different beers!

Brentwood Brewing Company

As well as the fruits and vegetables on sale, there are lots of other wonderful things to buy! Here are some photos of just some of the goodies that took my eye. Calcott Hall Farm Shop stock bread from Shepherd’s Bakery (once it’s gone it’s gone!), as well as cakes and other baked goods from Bury Farm Bakery. There is a huge selection of Tiptree jams, jellies, and marmalades, and local honey from hives both on the farm and from around Brentwood. There is also a butcher’s counter, a cheese counter, olives and even huge bottles filled with vinegars and oils, which I’m guessing means you can refill your previous bottles, saving on waste!

If you live near to this farm shop, and haven’t been before, it is well worth a visit!

Do you have a local farm shop? Have you ever shopped there?

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