Cable & Cotton String Lights – Review

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Cable & Cotton are a Brighton based company that sells colourful and pretty string lights that are available in various lengths, as well as giant versions. The string balls are handmade by skilled Thai workers, and the buying of these products helps support a community of women in southern Thailand. You can read more about Cable & Cotton’s ethics on their website’s about page.

I was sent a set of 20 string lights (there are also 35 and 50 light sets) to review, and I picked Turkish Delight, one of the pre-selected colour combinations available on the website. You can also pick your own colours and make a design that is completely unique to you! There are 50 colours to choose from, so you can go nuts with colour combos!

The lights and balls come in a sturdy box, and there is some initial setup required in that you have to push the lights into the coloured balls…but again, this gives you choice as you can do them in any pattern you like. The process is simple, and there are instructions included. Once they are assembled, the lights do fit back in the box for safe keeping.

I really loved the vibrant colours of the mix that I chose – great for parties! Unlit, they are very pretty, but of course, they come to life when all lit up; I just need to find somewhere for them to go permanently in my house because they’re so gorgeous!

As well as the string lights, Cable & Cotton also have big lamps, in three different sizes: 12″, 15″ and 18″ and in 13 different colours. They can be hung from the ceiling or act as a desk lamp.

As a lover of lights in general – fairy lights, Christmas tree lights, candles, lava lamps, these string lights make me feel happy, in short I love them!

Share this with friends and family!