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I’m just going to come straight out with it. I hate our house. There, I said it! I’m am itching to move, and have been since we moved here in 2013. This house was only supposed to be a six months max, temporary thing (I’ll explain in a mo) but those six months has turned into 4 years (and counting).

I am longing to have my dream home… and I want to make 2018 the year that it happens.

Build a dream home

Building A Dream Home

Let’s go back in time…

Before we got married in 2009, hubby had his house (where we are living now) and I had my ground floor flat. We got married, he moved in with me, and we rented (t)his house out.  After a few years we decided we wanted to sell (t)his house so that would could buy a bigger house; and we would rent my flat out instead. So we switched places with our tenant (which was really handy!) and came back to (t)his house.

I hope you’re keeping up!

We thought it would make more sense for us to be here and sell it, rather than messing around trying to sell with a tenant occupying it. We were really confident that the house would sell quickly – judging by the other houses in our area – so we put it on the market just days after we moved in. We had already decided that we would only unpack essentials as we would be moving soon.

Despite several viewings, changing agents, and sale price, and even getting an offer which fell through, it didn’t sell. We lost out on what I would describe as a dream home and that really put the downer on me. So we decided instead to stay, and to expand this house with an extension to the rear and into the attic. We got all the plans drafted, got quotes from builders, but then realised we’d be forking out so much money, that we would never see a return on investment. We knew this wouldn’t be our forever home, so it just seemed all a bit pointless.

This house needed updating so we redecorated a bit, got a new bathroom, had electrical work done, and had the loft boarded out for storage. We still have some decorating to finish off, but then it is in a saleable condition again.

Beach Bathroom - Bathroom Takeaway

2017 was going to be the year – the year we would sell and move on. But then it all hit the fan, and 2017 can only be described as one of the most distressing and worrying years of my life. (I won’t go into it here, as I have mentioned it on my blog already.) So for now things are on hold… But, I’m so miserable in this house, we’ve decided we will try selling again in 2018.

At our age (40s) we’re looking for a forever home – one that we can be proud of, and that I’m not ashamed to invite people over to!

Of course the obvious option is to sell up and buy a house isn’t it? Well, what about building a dream home? I don’t mean laying the foundations yourself (unless you know how to do that!) but hiring an architect and a team of builders to do it for you. According to the BBC, the UK is way behind other countries, with just 10% of houses being self-built. Compare that to Austria where 80% of all homes are self-built. In Germany, France and Italy the figure is 60%. In the US and Australia it is over 40%.  I have several American friends who have built their own homes and it has fascinated me (as well as making me envious as they have now got their dream homes!)

A lot of research is required when embarking on a self-build, and right at the top of the list for us would be Latent Defects Insurance as it safeguards against defects in design, workmanship, and materials. Insurance makes good sense, and you want to make sure you protected against any problems that may arise.

House Construction

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Do you dream of your dream home?

I know I certainly do! I often say to my family and friends that I would want to live in a house in the middle of nowhere, and they ask me if I’m joking. But I’m not!

Growing up living in pubs means we always lived on a main road. The house we live in now is on a busy road – we have buses going up and down all day, cars tearing down it like it’s the motorway, people thinking it’s quite okay to park across our drive, even though there are double yellow lines! Not to mention emergency vehicle sirens, the occasional car crash because the mini roundabout at the top is a notorious hotspot, and we have two schools nearby, so come school run time, it’s a nightmare!

It’s always so noisy, and it makes the house really dusty too. So a house middle of nowhere without traffic, pollution, and rude people is my idea of a dream home!

Must haves…

  • One level – for our old age! Knowing how my parents are now struggling with the stairs in their house, and struggling to sell too, I want to make sure we don’t have that problem.
  • HUGE kitchen – with an island in the middle. And a pantry. And a huge oven. And all the gadgets and mod-cons so that I can entertain as much as I like!
  • Dining room – we didn’t have one in my flat, we don’t have one here – I want a dining room so that we can sit at an actual table on Christmas Day!
  • Big windows – the windows here are so small, and they’re weirdly up quite high too – I can just about see out of them if I tiptoe! This makes the house really dull. I need the light!
  • A wrap around porch – I know this is more of a US thing, but I absolutely love porches. If I had one, I’d decorate it so hard each season!
  • An office space – because while I work for myself, I’d like to go to work, and come back home! Right now, a nook in my bedroom is my office – not ideal.
  • A photography studio – so that I can take gorgeous photos for my blog come rain or shine!
  • A craft room – so that I can finally have all my craft stash within easy reach, enabling me to be a lot more crafty than I have been since we moved here!
  • Indoor swimming pool – it’s a dream home!!! I love swimming, but if I live in the middle of nowhere I’m going to need a pool aren’t I?
  • A cherry tree – and other fruit trees. I’ve always wanted a garden with fruit trees in it!

I think that covers it! I haven’t even touched on number of bedrooms, or how I would want the decor to be – that’s a post for another time!

What would your dream home look like?

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