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I really love the autumn/winter season, but I don’t love the darker skies so much. I find it really hard to get motivated in the mornings when it is dark outside, and end up wanting to fall asleep late afternoon as the evenings draw in earlier and earlier. I also don’t like how dark the rooms in our house are. In our old house, we had huge windows that would let in so much light, yet here, the windows are quite high up, and small, resulting in not much light – even less so in the darker seasons.

My office area is a recessed space in our bedroom; with one tiny window next to me. More often than not I’ve got to have a light on so that I can see what I’m doing and that really does irritate me. I prefer natural light over artificial, and would dearly love bigger windows – just check out the small window that is next to me…

Small Window

…not very big is it? And it’s currently raining as I write this, so yes, it is pretty dark in it! I’ve got to turn the light on! I don’t even know if getting bigger windows would be a possibility – it certainly would be a big expensive job that’s for sure!

However, I’ve just discovered VELUX sun tunnels and I have to say, it’s my new obsession! They look like a perfect, affordable solution to the dark space that is my office. They are exactly as described – a tunnel that goes from your roof (flat or pitched) into the space that needs more light (think dark hallways).

VELUX Sun TunnelFrom the images above, I can see that they look just like regular VELUX windows from the outside on the roof, and like spotlights on the inside – spotlights that bring in gorgeous natural light. Sun tunnels takes up minimal space in the loft, so I reckon, even if we did extend up there, it would still work down into this room too.

On the flip side, with a southwest facing house we get some bright sunshine throughout the day which means I’m forever opening and closing curtains – but then that makes every too dark – the dilemma right?! So for me, the perfect solution is blinds which can be bought here, as I can adjust the slats to let different amounts of light in, without compromising on the light that I do need for my work – especially editing photographs!

Have you heard about sun tunnels? Where would you install them in your property?

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