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I was sent a homebrewing beer kit from Brew Barrel, and since my husband is the main beer drinking in this household, it made a nice surprise for him on his birthday a couple of days ago. He’s always wanted to have a go at brewing his own booze at home, and the reason why I said “yes” when approached about reviewing Brew Barrel.

Brew Barrel - Brew Beer At Home Kit

Founded three years ago in Munich, Germany with the initial aim of providing the German Beer market with more variety than what was originally available.  Brew Barrel developed a product that could address the perceived misgivings and complications of the homebrewing process. At this time in Germany homebrewing wasn’t popular and the kits that were available, were impractical and offered inconsistent results.  After considerable product development through trial and error, the fruit of their labour was a consistent, carbonated, quickly brewed and great tasting beer that was also (with thanks to 100,000 possible combinations) fully customizable. After the development of the “Braufässchen” (as its German language version is known) they went on to sell 80,000 brewing kits in Germany alone. Since the very beginning they have a lot of requests from all over the world but especially from within the United Kingdom which led to launch the English language/international version called the “BrewBarrel”.

Brew Barrel - Brew Beer At Home Kit

Everything you need to brew your own beer, comes packed up neatly in a box: a 5L keg, malt extract, yeast, hops, flavourings, and of course the instructions. There are also some beer mats to set your glass upon as you sample your homebrew. The instructions seem very simple, and straightforward, adding both cold and hot water, measured in the malt extract bottle, then adding the other ingredients. It says it’ll take just ten minutes to prepare, with a wait of a week before you can sample your own homebrewed beer – I’m sure the anticipation will be brewing during that week! (Pun totally intended!)

Christmas Beer

“This special mix of spices including orange, juniper berries, cinnamon, cloves, multi-colored pepper corns and star anise was created especially for Christmas time. The aromas of the individual spices merge harmoniously with the strong Lager (Festival Beer) and create a profound taste sensation.”

I received the Christmas beer kit, priced at £29 (plus P&P), I think it makes a great gift for the beer lover in your life.

As well as the ready-made kits, you can also customise your own kits, by choosing the type of beerpilsner, larger, wheat beer, pale ale, dark beer; the hopsmild, standard, bitter; and flavours, which include fruitslemon, passion fruit, grapefruit, cherry, raspberry, mango, lime; wood chipssantal, oak timber, mulberry bark, bourbon timber, catbuba; aroma hopscascade, hersbrucker, perle; and special flavourslemongrass, woodruff, honey, chilli, guaraná, ginger.

Now sadly, my poor husband done himself an injury at the weekend, and is having to rest up. It means he’s not had the chance to start brewing yet, but as soon as he does, I’ll be replacing the video below from Brew Barrel, with my own one of him using the kit. Since it takes a week to make, I didn’t want to wait any longer for writing about it – there may just be time to buy a Brew Barrel before Christmas!