The Best Rides For Teenagers at Universal Orlando

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I know I harp on a LOT about Walt Disney World, but we do love going to the other theme parks too! It just so happens that our upcoming trip is Disney focused, but I wanted to share about Universal Orlando and why it is an ideal place for teenagers when visiting the theme park capital of the world in central Florida!

With two fun and thrilling theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, plus vibrant nightlife at CityWalk with restaurants, music, movies and more, there is plenty to keep teenagers (and adults too!) entertained!

The Best Rides For Teenagers at Universal Orlando

The Best Rides For Teenagers at Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure are right next door to the other. You can easily fit both parks into the same day if you want to. We have done this and it makes for an exciting day!

As the mother of a teenager, I know exactly which rides are best suited to this age group! I’m now going to share with you, what I think are the best rides for teenagers at Universal Orlando!

Please note, this post was written a few years ago now and needs to be updated with newer rides at Universal Orlando! 

Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Florida

The world’s premier movie and tv based theme park is a chance for you to go behind the scenes and jump into the action of your favourite films and television shows. Here are the best of the best:

This awesome ride sees you on the front lines of the intergalactic war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. You sit inside an Autobot called Evac who is helping Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to catch the AllSpark. A fight breaks out between Optimus Prime and Megatron and you are thrown this way and that! It’s a fully immersive ride, with huge screens, movement, noise, explosions – everything a thrill ride should be!

Tip! Ask to sit in the front row as you line up to get into Evac – it’s the best place to sit!

Megatron - Universal Studios

The Simpson’s Ride™
You ride along with The Simpsons family as they visit Krustyland, the Krusty-est place on earth! The Simpsons Ride® is a simulator with giant 80 foot screens that give you a ride through the Krustyland theme park which is essentially falling to pieces! You are sat in a rollercoaster type car which moves about, and combined with the on-screen action you really do feel like you are flying and dropping! A fun ride!

Tip! Sit in the back row of the car – the view is better!

The Simpsons Ride - Universal Studios

MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™
A shoot ’em up in real life, with aliens? What more could a teenager want from a ride! You are taken through to be recruited as an MIB Agent, but as part of your training, an alien prison ship lands and you have to take out the aliens!

Tip! Push the red button at the end for bonus points!

Men in Black, Alien Attack

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit®
With speeds of up to 65 miles and hour and towering 17 stories over Universal Studios you can’t help but be thrilled by this rollercoaster! You pick your own soundtrack to rock along to as the ride takes you on this thrilling adventure, with six near-misses and a the world’s first non-inverting loop!

Tip! You can edit your ride into a music video to buy and show to your friends and family!

Rip Ride Rockit

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

A theme park full of epic adventure with uniquely themed islands bringing your favourite comic book heroes, myths and cartoons to life. It’s also the home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – a must for any fan of the boy who lived!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man­®
This is one of my teens favourite rides, in fact, as a family, it’s one of our favourite rides too! The ride set up is similar to TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D, but featuring Spider-Man and a cast of supervillains including Doctor Octopus, Scream and Hydro-Man. You ride in a news gathering car called ‘Scoop’ and are suddenly caught up as the supervillains steal the Statue of Liberty. Crashes, explosions, drops and a huge fireball makes this ride TOTALLY AWESOME!

Tip! The front row of ‘Scoop’ is the best row!

Spiderman Ride, Islands of Adventure

Jurassic Park River Adventure®
A ride based on the dinosaur movie Jurassic Park, you travel the rivers through the Jurassic jungle to see the dinosaurs in their natural surroundings. This is a ride where you will get wet, so it’s best not to take a camera on board with you – or if you do, make sure it is waterproof!

Tip! The drop is near vertical – brace yourselves for a big splash!


Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™
A must-do ride for all Harry Potter fans! Your are taken on a magical ride around the classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts and then high above the castle grounds. Watch out for magical creatures – and you might want to shut your eyes if you are scared of spiders!

Tip! There are test seats just outside the entrance to the ride.

Hogwarts at Universal's Islands of Adventure

The Incredible Hulk Coaster®
This coaster looks AMAZING. We’ve not been brave enough to try it yet, but the lines for it tell me it’s a popular ride! With seven inversions, including a zero-g roll, a cobra roll, two vertical loops and two corkscrews, it is 2 minutes, 15 seconds of thrilling adventure!

Tip! With speeds of up to 67 mph, hold on tight!!

The Incredible Hulk Coaster

These are just some of the fab rides at Universal Orlando – I haven’t been able to talk about them all – nor the great attractions and shows that are also great fun for teens, I’ll save that post for another time!

When you visit Universal Orlando with your teenager, make sure that they check out these rides first, I bet you they won’t be disappointed!

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