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It’s hard to decide what the best foods in London are as there are quite a few of them. So I think you should just try them all if you can, then you can really decide for yourself with the bests foods in London really are!

London is a multicultural city with rich and fascinating history, so not all of its signature dishes are British in origin. And you shouldn’t discard the street food of the United Kingdom’s capital either. It provides you a delicious way to ‘recharge your batteries’ on the go while exploring the many mysteries of London.

London's Top 8 Best Foods & Where To Find Them

Top 8 Best Foods in London (and where to find them)

1.      Sunday Roast

You can hardly find a dish more British than a Sunday roast. Not even fish & chips compares as this meal has been a tradition all over the Great Britain for centuries. Every region and even every family have their own special way of making this dish and you definitely should try as many options as you can.

This is a hearty meal, as all traditionally British foods are, so be sure to have enough free space in your belly on a Sunday. You can get this in nearly every restaurant and pub in London, but people say that Sunday roast at Blacklock is the best.

2.      Fish & Chips

Speaking of traditionally British, fish & chips has long become the signature food of the UK and London in particular. This dish was born as a cheap and filling workers’ meal, but today you can find a multitude of its variations anywhere in the city.

If you want to enjoy the true classic, visit Poppie’s Fish & Chips before you set out on your Camden pub crawl. The greasiness of the meal will do you good as it will prevent you from getting intoxicated fast. Camden houses some of the best pubs and bars in the capital and trying the many beers and cocktails the city offers is as important as trying best foods in London.

Fish 'n' Chips

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3.      Duck & Waffle

Not only is Duck & Waffle one of the most beautiful London restaurants with a scenic view of the city. It’s signature duck & waffle dish is one of the most amazing food combos you’ll try in London or anywhere else.

The chefs of this place nailed the sweet & savoury mix to perfection producing a richly-flavoured dish that will please any foodie. The restaurant’s location right in the heart of London and 40 stories up means that the prices here aren’t budget-friendly. But considering the fact that the majority of best foods in London are rather affordable, this is one place you can splurge on.

Duck and Waffle

London Skyline

4.      Lobster Roll

Eating a lobster roll from BOB’s Lobster is one of the must-do things for every London visitor. For the longest time catching the elusive seafood serving van has been an adventure in itself, but this June BOB’s Lobster opens its first permanent shop, located right next to the London Bridge.

Lobster Roll

London Bridge

5.      Pie and Mash

There’s nothing better than enjoying some pie & mash to get back your strength after taking some walking tours in London. This dish originated from the East End and is rather simple, like most British foods. The pies contain beef and pork and they are served with simple mashed potatoes. The specialty of this dish is that both things are served in the liquid left from cooking eel. Jellied eels are also a part of the menu in traditional pie & mash shops.

If you want to taste the classic pie & mash (jellied eel too if you fancy), you should visit M. Manze. It has three locations throughout London and has been serving this dish since 1902. I find it best served with lashings of vinegar and pepper.

Pie and Mash

6.      Lamb Chops

The Brits love their meat and spicy lamb chops definitely are one of the best foods in London. You can find them served at many places, but none will compare to Lahore Kebab Shop.

This traditional Pakistani kebab house was opened by three brothers back in the early 1970’s. The family still owns it today and the place prides itself on delivering delicious foods that ‘taste like home’ and providing a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Lamb Chops

7.      Sticky Toffee Pudding

Desserts rarely make the list of the best foods in London as the Brits seem to have very little in terms of sweet tooth. However, sticky toffee pudding is the classic you will find in any pub. This dish is delicious, exceedingly sweet, and rather sticky. There’s no describing its flavor as it’s something you simply have to try.

Enjoy the best sticky toffee pudding in one of the Foxlow London locations. You can find quite a few other traditional British foods there.

Sticky Toffee Pudding



8.      Eton Mess

Named after Eton, the famous all-boys school, Eton Mess is a mess of delicious treats. The classic recipe of this dessert includes strawberries, cream, and meringue, but you can find many variations.

Fancy trying to make Eton Mess at home? You could try out this recipe Easy Eton Mess Recipe which is made a bit lighter using Greek Yoghurt instead of cream, or why not try my Reconstructed Eton Mess!

Reconstructed Eton Mess - a quick and simple dessert using just a few ingredients - cream, strawberries and meringues. A must have summer recipe!

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London's Top 8 Best Foods & Where To Find Them

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