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I was contacted several weeks ago about, a craft beer club, and would I like to try out a box of their beers?

Our founder James Brown started the club last year after he went on a motorcycle ‘craft beer road trip’ around Europe. He discovered there were more than 12,000 microbreweries in the world, producing all kinds of amazing beers.  After that trip, he put together a team of craft beer experts who now handpick eight different beers each month for our members to try.  We’re sourcing exclusive, small batch beers from the best tiny and experimental breweries around the world.  We also produce a great in-house magazine about the beers we feature called Ferment.

I knew this would be perfect for my husband – he loves trying out different beers! He has always wanted to step into my [blogging] world, so I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to break his blogging cherry! So today’s post is brought to you by Mr Pumpkin!

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review

Before I start, firstly a big thank you to my wife for allowing me to write this guest post on her blog, I know how hard she works on The Purple Pumpkin Blog. Hopefully it won’t be my last guest post for her :)

So, what is Beer52 I hear you ask?  Well, for those of you familiar with companies who send goodies through the post for you to sample, such as snacks, coffee and certain beauty products, Beer52 do the same, but with beer.

For the small sum of £24 a month, you receive not only 8 guest beers a month through the post, but also a magazine and some snacks.  Postage is free.  More importantly, there is no contract and you are free to cancel at any time.

So, why should you try these instead of popping to your local supermarket?  Well, for one, you won’t find these beers in the supermarket.  Beers52 are committed to supporting microbreweries.

Secondly, I found the range they supplied was a good mix of different ales and craft lagers, none of which I would probably have tried in my local or at the supermarket.

And thirdly, well for less that £3 a bottle, you can’t really go wrong can you?

I received 8 bottles of beer which were…

Triporteur a Belgian ale from Bom Brewery brewed with home baked malt.  Alc. 6.22% ABV

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review (2)


Graffiti IPA from Firebrand Brewing Co, brewed on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall using the finest British barley and hops from around the world. Alc. 5.0% ABV

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review (6)


Killer Cat Circus IPA from Malmesbury Brewery, a Pacific IPA made with Antipodean hops, some malted barley and wheat and of course yeast and water. Alc. 5.8% ABV

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review (8)


Blonde from The Hop Studio, a light, crisp and hoppy ale with a hint of sauvignon. Alc. 3.5% ABV

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review


American Pale Ale from Signature Brew with cascade perle magnum hops. Alc. 4.1% ABV

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review (5)


Cwtch from Tiny Rebel, a Welsh red ale with citrus and tropical fruits. Alc.4.6% ABV.

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review (4)


Premium Red Ale Beer from Septem Microbrewery in Greece. Alc.4.5% ABV

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review (3)


Session IPA from Fourpure Brewing Co inspired by New York, USA. Alc. 4.2% ABV.

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review (7)

Of all the beers, my favourite was the Triporteur which had a fruity taste to it. My least favourite was the Session IPA which I found to be very bitter. There was a great selection of different beers in this box and it was nice to try them all out.

I thought the designs of the bottles were brilliant and I loved that they each contained a brief history on the bottle, detailing the hops used, the place of origin and a little description about their taste.

Whilst this might not be all that important to some drinkers, I thought it was a nice little touch that proved very informative.

So, if like me, you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to ales and craft lagers or if indeed you’re an expert that craves that little bit more, why not give Beer52 a go? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  I know I was and can’t wait to try my next order.


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