Lunch at Bahama Breeze Island Grille, Hwy 192, Orlando

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Dining Date: 21st August, 2011

Today we met online friends in real life! We chose Bahama Breeze Island Grille again as we knew we would get a good meal, and we were not disappointed!

We were shown a table and then we all decided on appetizers. I again went for the firecracker shrimp which didn’t disappoint. This is a photo from the first time I had them, but here again for those who didn’t read that report!

Liam had the same starter as before too of chicken sliders. (Ditto on the photo)

Steve had Caribbean patties which he enjoyed. Our friends shared quasedillas which seemed to go down well too.

Chatting away, with me doing a LOT of talking, meant I was very slow in eating for which I apologised. Everyone had finished and there I was still sitting with a big bowlful of shrimp ^_^

Liam and I both had burgers for our main (not very Caribbean I know lol), but huge burgers and very tasty.

Steve had fish tacos with a side of rice (with black beans I think) which he nommed up. Fish, unknown!

My friend and his wife had salads (tropical chicken and shrimp), and my friend kindly offered his plate for a photo since he knows that’s what I do! Both well received.

Again with me being Little Miss Chatterbox, my burger went untouched for a while – well I had taken a bite from the other side, but the waiter didn’t see this when he seemed to panic and ask if everything was okay with my meal. I assured him that everything was absolutely fine.

We all exchanged stories about our different ways of life, schools, jobs etc and we were invited next time to come and visit them in Cape Coral where they live. They complimented my Liam saying what a charming well mannered young man he is, which was a nice thing to hear from someone who have never met him and I had a very proud mum moment!

A bit of a niggle with the service here, as I said, I was very slow in eating on this day, and my son had commented that he wanted the chocolate dessert he had before (the name alludes me at the moment), and the waiter heard this, and took the order from him and everyone else whilst I was still munching on my chips…I thought this was a bit off, as did everyone else, but we didn’t make a fuss.

I ordered the Bananas Supreme which was banana bread with sliced bananas, almonds, caramel sauce, ice-cream and whipped cream and was heavenly!

Steve ordered the warmed pineapple upside down cake, which he said was equally nice.

I have no other photos of desserts so can only assume our friends had the same as us, or not at all!

We sat chatting for another good hour or more, and I commented if it would be okay with us sitting here with just coffees, to which they assured that it was fine – had they needed the table they would have soon booted us out!

Our friends very kindly paid for the bill and wouldn’t accept anything from us, insisting that we were their guests, so I don’t know how much the total check was for those that were wondering how much you pay for 5 people in Bahama Breeze!

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